Choosing the Best Fit and Shape for Your Home Swimming Pool

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In all honesty, there’s hardly anything more entertaining about one’s backyard than having a swimming pool in it. For starters, this is a great way to encourage family members to exercise while having a great time together. Moreover, pool parties are always the most popular kind of backyard fun. Finally, the right choice of a pool can undeniably boost your curb appeal and home value. Basically, all you have to do once you make the final decision of wanting a swimming pool in your home is to choose the right shape and size of the said pool. And, of course, the choice depends solely on your budget, available space, and preferences.

Different pool shapes

Before deciding what your pool layout will be. You first need to know what shapes there are to choose from. This will allow you to focus your attention on the more plausible options. Essentially, there are ten most common pool shapes.

Roman swimming poolThis pool is definitely a great decorative addition to your home and yard.

Lazy L pool –  These are very effective when it comes to moving around freely, and are a great choice for larger families.

Free form poolThese pools are also very decorative and interesting, and they usually serve as a relaxing point after a long day.

Geometric poolsSimple but not plain at all, these pools are the best choice for someone who just wants to swim and zone out.

Grecian pools – If this is the shape you like and you have a big family, definitely go for it!

Figure 8 pools – These pools usually aren’t too big, but they still allow for a nice swim, and feel flowy and relaxing as a part of the whole yard layout.

Rectangular pool – This shape is perfect for yards that don’t have plenty of space.

Circular pools – Circular shape requires more space but it looks homey, cozy and fun.

Oval pools – Oval pools require even more space compared to circular ones, but they do feel luxurious and relaxing.

Kidney poolsThis particular pool shape is very popular among homeowners who want to create a serene and calm oasis in their own backyard.

What about your budget?

Obviously, the most important aspect of your home swimming pool has everything to do with your budget. For starters, the size, shape and materials used are all priced differently. The larger the pool the more expensive it will be. Moreover, concrete pools tend to be the most expensive. On the other hand, more durable fibreglass pools tend to be more affordable as well. Moreover, if you plan to relocate at some point. You can opt for a surface swimming pool. And when you think about your available space. You’ll have to make a choice between ground and inground pools as inground pools require more space.

Finally, maintenance needs that come after the pool installation should also be a part of your budget plan. In general, you can choose between chlorine and saltwater (saline) swimming pools. Chlorine is cheaper to install but require more complex maintenance. On the other hand, saltwater is more expensive initially but is easier to clean later on.

When it comes to the right choice in terms of size and shape for your home swimming pool. Remember that hasty decisions won’t end well. This truly is a big deal and a real investment in your home and lifestyle. Therefore, make sure to ask around your neighborhood for suggestions from people who already had a swimming pool installed, as well as talk to professionals about your best options. Every home is different, and you need to finalize a decision that will pay off in regards to your budget, space, overall house and yard exterior as well as your and your family’s needs.