Catch Those Zs: Bedroom Decoration Tips for Better Sleep

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If your sleep game hasn’t been very strong these days, it might be time to have a little bedroom remodel. Not getting enough sleep can make you feel cranky and moody, but also weaken your immune system, cause weight fluctuations and disturb your overall physical and emotional health. It can even shorten your lifespan! So, before you start feeling any of these nasty sleep deprivation symptoms, redecorate your bedroom to boost sleep and relaxation. Here are some of the best ideas and tips you can implement now and catch some healthy Zs.

Buy a new mattress
The first thing you should do is replace your worn out mattress. A low-quality mattress can carry motion and disturb your sleep when your partner tosses. It can also cause awful neck and back pain that will leave you feeling stiff all day. But, if you invest in a good mattress made of memory foam, you’ll get much better sleep and not even feel when your partner moves.

Adopt a relaxing color palette
Terracotta red might be a great living room accent color, but it’s not ideal for your bedroom. A soft and neutral shade of gray, green or purple is a much better choice for a restful night’s sleep. Just make sure to pick low- or zero-VOC paints that will not pollute your indoor air and cause health issues.

Get the right lighting
If your partner loves to read before bed, while you need darkness to sleep, try to compromise and get a lamp with a telescoping neck. It will shine the light directly on the book and not disperse too much light around the room. Additionally, if you often forget about lights and get super cozy just to realize your lights are on, make sure to get remote control dimmers. They allow you to regulate color and brightness and turn lights on and off from the comfort of your bed.

Ban electronics from your bedroom
Electronics have no place in your bedroom, just ask any feng shui expert. They tend to generate distracting light and clutter your space with cords. Items that should be especially banned from the bedroom are all work-related things.

Freshen up your carpet
Big carpets tend to trap a lot of dust, mold, pet dander and other particles that can cause allergies and disturb your good night’s sleep. So, make sure to keep them clean and dust-free by having thorough vacuum sessions at least once a week. High-quality HEPA vacuums are super popular in Australia and they can remove even the smallest particles and ensure clean and fresh carpets. However, if your carpet is too old and shabby, you can contact companies that can provide you with the best carpet installation in Sydney and give your bedroom a new flooring treatment.

Ditch your old alarm clock
If you want to wake up feeling fresh and rested, you need to get seven or eight hours of sleep. However, there are other factors that can affect your morning mood such as the way you’re awakened. Loud and sudden alarms can stress you out in a second, so make sure to ditch them for something better. There are light therapy alarm clocks that can make the transition from slumber to wakefulness smooth and gradual. These alarms gradually increase light, natural sounds and aromatherapy scents to ease you into the day.

Clean out your indoor air
Dust, pollen, pet dander, mold and other pollutants can trigger your allergies, cause sinus problems, asthma attacks and disrupt your slumber. HEPA air purifiers can capture those allergens, clean your air and allow you to breathe easily all through the night.
Invest in a dog bed

If you have a habit of sleeping with your pooch, just know that getting a paw to the face doesn’t have a good effect on your sleep. So, make sure to get a doggy bed for your furry companion that will provide a much better night’s sleep for both of you.
Install a ceiling fan

Installing a ceiling fan might seem totally unrelated to your slumber, but its gentle hum and breeze can help you have the best sleep of your life. They are super cheap, aesthetically pleasing and can help you stay cool and comfy even during the hottest of nights.

Give these tips a try and you’ll surely feel the difference in your sleep quality. Plus, your bedroom will look much more attractive and relaxing!