How to build a renovation plan to match your budget

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As a client, you may feel like you have little influence over whether your remodeling project. Stays on budget and hits the finish line on time. But you have more control than you might think. Remember, the scope of your project and the specific materials are up to you.

The key to keeping a project on budget and on schedule is nailing down the details before ground breaks. Here’s a road map for two early steps. Putting together your renovation team and nailing down your project’s cost.

Before you meet with a professional, you should know what you want to accomplish. Is your goal to tear out your entire kitchen and start fresh? Or are you looking for less costly upgrades, perhaps replacing cabinet fronts and a tired backsplash? Or do you want to remodel your whole house?

The most important documents you will need are the construction plans. Your building plans must be approved by an agency to make sure the home is safe. Also, meets local codes. So unless you are familiar with building codes and construction methods, you will want to hire a professional to draft these plans.

How to design plans for renovation

Each profession has its special emphasis. Architects and interior designers create concepts and draw plans. General contractors build the plans. Landscape architects create designs and plans for outdoor spaces. Design-build firms offer both design and building services. Some with in-house architects, others by contracting the design work out.

Many pros offer a range of services, from initial design to project management. Which may be priced as menu options or charged at per-hour rates. For just one example, architects can provide evaluation and planning services. Which can involve site analysis and selection, economic feasibility studies. Also, helping you determine what you want, need and are willing to pay for.

Architecture firms offer design services, including documents that define the space’s shape. Also, they may work closely with engineers as needed in relationship to the structural elements. They also may offer construction management services. Involving consulting and coordinating with the various agencies overseeing your project. Or manage the bidding process when you search for the right contractor.
Even if you are not planning to hire a professional to design or manage your renovation. You may want to hire a pro on a per-hour basis to help you refine your ideas.

When hiring your first design team member. You can start with a builder, architect, designer, design-build firm or remodeler. Depending on your needs and priorities. If you already know a contractor whose work you like. He or she will probably have a list of architects and interior designers to recommend.

Finally about building renovation

Narrow your list down to your favorites and then interview a few people. Ask for — and check — references, and drive out to see past projects. Also, see how it might feel to work together — make sure you have a rapport with the professional. You should find out whether they listen and whether they are good communicators

You should follow this same basic process with an interior designer, landscape architect, general contractor or design-build firm. Keep in mind that the average kitchen remodel takes about five months once construction starts, but three times that long from initial design phase to completion.