How to Bring Your Kitchen to the Present Day

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The kitchen is not only a place where you can prepare your meal. It is a crucial focal point of your house and without it, you cannot have a home. Digging deep into how we relate to each room in the house. Extrapolating a distinct style out of that feeling is what modern design is all about. Utility and minimalism was the name of the game, but not in 2018. If you want to learn how to bring your kitchen to the present day, here’s what you need to know.

Herringbone floor patterns

From cold and nearly surgical tiled surfaces of yore to organic. Warm and inviting floors – the modern kitchen is not there to fulfil a function. It is meant to be a place where you wish you’d spend more time. Slowly but surely, the kitchen is devouring the living room as the dominant part of the house.

Therefore, the modern kitchen needs to look like a place where you prepare food. Not butcher it – hence the organic textures and you cannot find a building material under the sun that spells organic. And warm as universally as wood. Herringbone floor patterns are coming back with a vengeance. So if you plan to redo your entire kitchen from the ground up. Here’s a good chance for you to mix things up a bit.

Everything is illuminated

The abundance of light is not exactly something that ever goes out of fashion, but in 2018, it is a driving stylistic force behind the interior design. There is something incredibly impressionistic about the tidal wave of trends that are coming.

This means a window renovation is in order or, if this is technically impossible and you live in a rented apartment, you should definitely add more artificial lighting. Sometimes, changing a fixture or two can make all the difference in the world, and the transition can be absolutely seamless.

Adding a few tabletop lamps to your countertops sounds like a cardinal sin against reasonable interior design. However, transgression always somehow finds its way to the heart of zeitgeist, so don’t be afraid to put a few reasonably decorative lamps on your countertops, but make sure they never stand in the way of food and utensils – the kitchen needs to retain its primary function after all.

Bright countertops

It will be much easier to bask your kitchen in light if other surfaces are bright, and it all begins with the countertops. Up until the very last season, granite seems to have been everywhere, but it is thankfully replaced with gentle marble countertops and ceramic tiles behind them. The food is easy to wipe off and fingerprints are practically invisible.

The counters above and below are also turning into major assets during the following period. Yesterday, it was all about laying appliances and pipes out for everyone to see – a remnant of postmodern thought – but these days, sensible storage is becoming noticeably appreciated. Hiding dishes, utensils, toasters, pipes and space-saving under sink water filters behind counter doors to achieve a de-cluttered appearance is the last word
of sensible design.

Update the counter doors

Now that we have mentioned counter doors. You can do a lot of space saving if you nail some hangers to them and hang utensils there so the shelves can have more wiggle room. Do not forget to update the knobs while you’re there. You can tighten the screws or replace them altogether before you proceed to repaint both counter doors. And the entire kitchen while you are at it.

The colour of life

We’ve already mentioned how in vogue it has become to give a kitchen a more organic appearance. One of the most effective ways to achieve this effect is to paint your kitchen green. The colour of life should not be a basic green hue, of course. Instead, opt for a darker but still gentle pastel, and slap on an extra layer of paint that gives off a textured look when light refracts off the walls.

If you’ve moved into the house of your dreams. You are probably prepared to spend the rest of your days living there. This means you’ll have each part of your house set up. So that it serves you in the best way possible. However, when it comes to the kitchen and living room. A utility is not the only thing that matters. As the years roll by and turn to decades. Chances are your kitchen will have to evolve with the times, just like you. Try to keep an open mind about the potential changes and update your kitchen whenever you have a chance.

By Lillian Connors