Benefits and drawbacks of living in a high-rise apartment

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For most of us, when we think of a home, the picture that comes to mind is a house with a yard, a driveway, and a leafy neighborhood. It could be because high rises were a little slow to take off in Australia compared to Asia or the US. However, in the past ten years, skyscrapers have quickly changed the skylines of major cities. So far, Melbourne has led the way with the number of multistorey developments, closely followed by Sydney and the Gold Coast. While traditionalists feel an affinity towards having their homes near the ground. Millennials surely appreciate the prospect of enjoying the incredible views and comforts of a high-rise apartment.

With their increasing popularity, high-rise apartments are unquestionably a beneficial property investment. Yet, living in one of them certainly is a different experience from living in a single-family home. Let’s give a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of living in a high-rise apartment.

What is considered a high-rise in Australia?

Before we list the boons and banes of living in a penthouse, here’s a quick bird’s eye view for the proper perspective. While the functional classification of buildings might be somewhat intuitive, what is considered to be a high-rise depends on the location. To illustrate, here is an example: a 10-story building is considered quite tall in many parts of the world, and especially outside of big cities. However, for the standards of New York City or Hong Kong, for instance, a 10-story building is nothing imposing. In Australia, a high-rise building stands between 9 to 19 stories, and a super high-rise at 20 or more stories. In continuation, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of living in one of these.

The big-picture pros and cons of settling in a penthouse

Some argue that up is the way to go in densely populated areas, and others firmly disagree. But the fact remains that high rises are here to stay, and more of these developments are coming. As the supply of this housing type grows. real estate agents throughout Australia confirm that the demand is equally high. It could be due to the apartments’ relative affordability. But this is undoubtedly not the strongest reason. There is a balanced mix of benefits and drawbacks of living in a high-rise apartment. In the text below, we’ll pair these up and let you decide who wins.

Skyscrapers have fantastic views

Unsurprisingly, living in a high-rise apartment comes with many great views. On a clear day, the sights span several kilometers, depicting fabulous panoramic landscapes. There’s always something spellbinding in being able to step out on the balcony or look outside the window and marvel at the vista. It’s a great venture point for observing spectacular sunsets and sunrises. It’s easy to imagine why penthouses are highly sought after. If you appreciate aesthetically pleasing experiences, you will absolutely love it and never get tired of living in a penthouse. Besides, the higher the apartment, the more natural light and ventilation you get.

This added bonus is due to the fact that there are no objects around to hamper the sunlight or wind from coming to your apartment. Hence, you can enjoy a naturally lit interior in your penthouse. These features of a home are the dream of many.

Due to the numerous conveniences and fabulous views they feature, penthouses are highly sought after, especially among millennials

Renovating a penthouse could be trying

Living in a single-family home allows you to jump out of the front door, and you’re out into the open. But this is not the case when you live in a skyscraper. Elevators are an indispensable part of everyday life in a tall building. In case they break down for whatever reason, taking the stairs up to your penthouse is a long way. A major drawback of living in a high-rise apartment is the need to plan the logistics of everything you do. And, as you may guess, renovating a penthouse could be a tricky task. It’s never easy to move furniture to the 20th floor. Since everything has its price, this is the cost of the incredible views that adorn a high-rise apartment.

Yet, with some diligent planning, you’ll be able to customize the penthouse to your liking easily and successfully counteract the inconveniences. It’ll be best to reach out for some specialized professional assistance and enjoy the outcome in no time.

Easy access to great amenities – one of the advantages of living in a high-rise apartment

People usually associate penthouses with luxury, and there’s a good reason for that. Apart from the stunning views and prime locations, many high rises are designed to associate top-class communities. Many buildings feature remarkable amenities, from rooftop pools and party areas to gyms and concierge, which are just an elevator ride away. While the benefits and drawbacks of living a high-rise apartment are a bit of a mixed bag, it’s clear that this type of housing provides a good balance between social and private life.

Shared resources, and amenities too

Like we share roads and footpaths with neighbors in the suburbs, so we do hallways, elevators, mailboxes, and the amenities in a high rise. Depending on what you are used to, this may appear as a stark contrast between your new multi-family and the single-family home you know. It’s one of the cons of life in a high rise that tends to get to people every now and then. To share isn’t bad in and of itself. However, it may happen to find the gym in disarray or a mess in the garbage room. And no matter how pet-friendly the policies of the building are. Some of your neighbors may dread riding the elevator with your four-legged friend. If you can come to terms with the low levels of consideration some people have. You can easily let this slide and embrace the conveniences that a penthouse offers.

Enjoy the peace and quiet

A penthouse comes with the benefit of significantly minor noise pollution and a more peaceful life. The commotion is closer to the ground level, and unless your windows are open. You’ll be blissfully unaware of it. Moreover, penthouses are rarely occupied by families with children. Of course, the appeal of peace and quiet varies among different individuals. However, if this sounds like a recipe for comfort and relaxation, you’ll definitely love a high-rise apartment.

The close proximity of neighbors

Living in a high-rise building gives you privacy, peace and quiet. But then, everything in life has tradeoffs. In this case, whenever you go somewhere, you cross paths with someone. More often than not, in the elevator, there’ll be one or more other people. Your neighbor’s entrance door is likely to be right next to yours. So you’ll regularly chance upon each other. These things aren’t essentially good or bad within themselves. It depends on one’s personal preferences and the idea of an ideal home.

In summary, these are the main benefits and drawbacks of living in a high-rise apartment. Now that you know them, it will be easier to decide if this type of housing suits you. For more assistance head to

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