Bedroom Ideas for readers

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For readers, a bedroom is more than just a peaceful and comfortable place to sleep. It is the perfect hideaway to get engrossed in a story and allows minds to travel freely. Whether you are decorating your own bedroom, or for bookworm daughter, take the extra mile of creating a room that will encourage reading.

A Window Seat

The window seat is perfect for day-time reading. It offers the best place for a reader to curl up and get lost in a book. It is well-lit, farthest from house noise. And presents a view that allows readers to dream on. Add dainty curtains, cushions, and convenient book rack.

A Reading Nook

A reader doesn’t care for space. His or her bedroom can be cluttered or bare. Whereas, all readers want is a cozy reading nook. In one corner of the bedroom. Create a special place for your bookworm. Furnish it with a comfortable chair, an ottoman, a lamp, and small book stand.

A Rocking Chair

Make reading as comfortable as possible. A rocking chair in the bedroom will provide the just right amount of comfort. Make it snugger with pillows and a warm bedspread.

Adjustable Lamps

The right lighting is important to a reader. They would need a good reading light any time of the day. Natural daylight filtered by a thin curtain is ideal. At night and for gloomy days, the soft warm glow of a headlamp will provide just the right illumination. An adjustable lamp will be handy to match a reader’s many position changes.

Lots of Book Storage

An entire wall of shelving will provide more than enough room to store and display a reader’s entire cache if books. A great delight to any reader. But if you don’t have the luxury of space. Go for creative storage options like boxes under the bed. Headboard shelves, or ladder shelves.

Day Bed

Give maximum comfort for your ninja reader. If your bed instantly brings on the yawns, create a separate place where you can be as comfortable. But without fighting against sleep. A daybed is a narrower bed version. It can a chaise lounge, a sofa, or a bench against a wall with comfortable cushions and pillows.

Soft Soothing Colours

Make the room conducive to relaxing and reading with calming colors. Soft blues and greys are best for readers’ rooms. Futhermore, light greens and soft earth tones are also great choices for creating an ambient space to reading, meditating, and relaxing.

A View

Aside from reading, a reader loves to dream. They do it simultaneously! A reading nook with a view is always recommended by decorators in Brisbane. Additionally, a window opening to a great view will let the eyes wander and the mind to travel. Provide your reader a great escape from the humdrum of this world with a room with a view.

Comfort Add-Ons

A reader can easily get lost in a book, all-nighters are common. Especially if you have a good read on hand. Furthermore, avoid readers’ cramps and aches by putting in a lot of comfortable add-ons like pillows, bolsters, head support, and blankets. Importantly, install AC to maintain a good comfortable temperature.

Calming Sounds

Better yet, enhance the silence with soothing and calming sounds that motivate reading. Install a player that would provide the background music that will drown out the house’s acoustics. Indeed, it can be the natural sounds of the birds chirping. Finally, soft raindrops, whispering wind, or a river flowing. Or a soft orchestra, a solo instrumental rendition or a ballad if your reader prefers.