A Guide to Spring Cleaning your Property

A Guide to Spring Cleaning your Property

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The months are passing, albeit slowly, but the Spring is just about upon us and that means it’s time for your annual, big Spring clean! Spring cleaning trace back to a number of different religions and countries. But, however, the tradition was begun, it’s something that many people hold to and undertake every year. Be it your home or rental property a spring clean is a worthwhile task to do annually

“Spring cleaning isn’t always a fun job, but the end results make it a worthwhile endeavour and something you should try and undertake,” said Wimbledon estate agent, Robert Holmes. “Make it easier by getting organise with a checklist, to ensure you complete the most important jobs.”

Where to start

Set some time aside to get the job done properly. Spring cleaning can be as big or small a job as you have the time and inclination for. But, if you break it down over a few weekends of work, it’s more manageable and you’re less likely to give up early on. A good job to start with is to declutter your home. You can begin this one room at-a-time, or perhaps a floor at-a-time. But, be sure to make this your first job so you don’t end up cleaning items that will be thrown out or donated.

As you declutter, you’ll get a good idea of what needs cleaning in situ and what will need to be removed, cleaned and then replaced into its original location – or a new one. That’s also a good time to list and purchase the cleaning products and accessories you will need to ensure your Spring cleaning is done properly.

“The right preparation can help ensure you know exactly what needs doing, how long it will take and what the end results should be,” said Andrew Reeves, Westminster estate agent. “You’ll also have an idea what to expect and shouldn’t be put off by the amount of work required to finish a complete Spring clean of your home.”

Everything else

Ok, your expectations have been created, your prep work begun and you have all the time and tools you need to do this thing. This is the perfect time to run through all the jobs you want to do as part of your big Spring clean! They include – but are by no means limited to:

In all rooms

  • Dust and wash all light fittings.
  • Dust and wash all coving and skirting boards.
  • Clean all doors and door knobs/handles.
  • Wash all window frames.
  • Clean any air vents.
  • Wipe down blinds and wash curtains.
  • Wash the windows.
  • Remove and thoroughly beat and air rugs and removable floor coverings.


  • Empty out, clean and re-fill kitchen cupboards.
  • Thoroughly clean your pantry cupboard or dry foods storage area.
  • Clean all cupboard and cabinet doors.
  • Clear out and clean your fridge and refrigerator.
  • Thoroughly clean your oven and microwave.
  • Clean your dishwasher.
  • Reseal or clean grout.
  • Sharpen knives.


  • Remove and clean/replace shower heads.
  • Clean/replace shower curtain.
  • Empty, clean and re-organise medicine cabinet.
  • Empty, clean and reorganise linen cupboard.
  • Clean/reseal grout.

Living room

  • Wash pillows covers and throws.
  • Wash sofa covers or damp sponge wash covered seating cushions.
  • Deep clean carpets.
  • Move TV and other large items out, clean that area and the item, before replacing.
  • Empty book shelves, dust and clean thoroughly, before replacing books and ornaments.
  • Remove unwanted media and organise the remaining items.


  • Throw out/donate unwanted clothing and accessories.
  • Organise wardrobes and drawers.
  • Rotate seasonal clothing and bedding.
  • Wash pillows and air mattress.


  • General declutter and reorganise.
  • Thorough sweep of floor, including behind static objects.
  • Ensure all items are secured safely, dryly and securely.

“There are a lot of Spring cleaning jobs, but remember, you don’t have to do al of them and certainly not all at once,” said Central London estate agent, LDG. “Even just doing a few of the jobs listed above will make a difference to you home and who knows, once you start you might feel encouraged to do even more than you originally planned.”