9 Ways to Turn Your Small Home into an Arts Display

9 Ways to Turn Your Small Home into an Arts Display

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Don’t think that just because you have a small home you can’t find space for your artwork. Regardless of whether you are an artist who wants to put up their work around the house or just an art lover who enjoys a well-decorated space, here are some ways to turn your home into an art display for you and your guests to enjoy.

Think about the lighting

When it comes to lighting, you need to decide whether you want your art to be placed in a nicely lit room or to be directly illuminated as the centerpiece. There are several options you can go for but if you opt for ceiling-mounted accent lights, make sure that the light beam hits the center of the piece at a 30-degree angle. That way, you will avoid casting long shadows and getting a reflecting glare. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should position the art away from natural light and opt for LEDs to avoid any damage.

Have a statement piece

If a room in your home is lacking a focal point, get an oversized piece of art for one of the walls. The same can be achieved with a collection of smaller pieces. You can even play with the proportions on that wall. Hang a huge piece on the wall and then put some smaller ones around or on a dresser in front of it. Mixing up sizes can give everything an eclectic but curated look.

Contrast colors

This is pretty obvious. To make your artwork pop, you should contrast the colors. If your walls are dark, get lighter pieces and frames and vice versa. Additionally, if you layer different art pieces, try to make them distinctive.

Go vertical

In case you do not have a lot of wall space, you can also go vertical with your installation. This can work great for small spaces between windows or some unused corners. You can get the same dimensions and theme or you can have the artwork be as diverse as possible.

Create a window view

A small house can sometimes feel claustrophobic, so you might want to think about faking a window. Adding a picture of a beach, desert, forest or a different city can make you feel more relaxed and will open up the room.

Consider the frames

The way you frame your art can also have a great impact on the way it looks in a room. If you have a small piece, you can give it a very thick frame. On the other hand, you can get thin frames with huge borders so that the piece looks much larger. This can also make your wall seem less cluttered. Of course, you can always go frameless, as it is the cheapest option.

Make it movable

Sometimes, in a small home, you might need temporary secluded areas. Instead of building walls, you can get some Screenflex partitions that are very versatile and can be used as art displays as well. These partitions allow you to pin, tack or staple items to them. They are portable, come in several sizes and even reduce noise. If you are an artist, this is such a practical way to have a studio in your home.

Don’t forget the shelves

For some reason, a lot of people forget to utilize their shelves as a means of displaying art. That is unfortunate as shelves provide you with a lot of options. If it is a bookshelf, you can put various types of pictures in front of the books or in between some other items to fill up space. If you have wall-mounted shelves, you can use them in their entirety to display a collection of works, maybe even without frames. You can even use your nightstand or coffee table, as the leaning-against-the-wall method is also quite popular and practical.

Add texture

You can add texture to your walls by hanging up different types of art. For example, you can go for a tapestry that can introduce a sense of softness as well as color and pattern to the room. You can also frame some vintage scarves or other textiles. Macramés can also warm up your walls.

Don’t forget that you can put your art in any room you want, no matter how unexpected. Bathroom? Sure! As long as it makes you feel relaxed and provides a soothing atmosphere, anything goes. Enjoy your art!

By Leila Dorari