8 Ways of Making Your Outdoor Living Area Perfectly Cosy

8 Ways of Making Your Outdoor Living Area Perfectly Cosy

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When thinking about home, many think about its indoor aspect first. Each home, however, has at least some sort of outdoor space which requires attendance as well. Even if it gets decorated last, it still has to be cosy, and here are 8 pieces of advice on how to make it more pleasant for you and your guests.

A simple sofa

When the weather is warm enough, you can comfortably fall asleep outside. The perfect place for such a nap would be a simple sofa that would act as the centrepiece of the entire yard. It should have easily removable cushions when the weather is not that nice; when it’s raining or snowing outside. The sofa should, therefore, be made of a waterproof material that can be cleaned with a swipe of a dry cloth.

Staying warm

Let’s not beat around the bush, warm summer nights are the main reason behind decorating your patio. But for the longest period during the year, it will be cold outside. Even during this cold spell, you can maximise the use of your outdoor space. Besides keeping blankets close by, you might consider having a source of heat, such as a fireplace or an electrical heating device. The former can serve as a base for barbeque as well, but be careful. They are a fire hazard, and you must make sure that it is safe to install them unless you wish your outdoor and indoor living spaces to go up in flames.

A coffee table not only for coffee

In front of the sofa is the perfect place to put a low table that would serve multiple purposes. Firstly, you can lay your coffee cups there, as well as a book you are reading. In general, anything you bring out in the open can be placed here without getting lost. You can dine here as well, and if the table is retractable it can be brought in when it rains to protect the wood. Consider placing glass as the counter since it is easier to clean and you can insert paper decorations under it.

Vivid colours

This should be a serene space in which a person can relax, and that goes for their eyes as well. Don’t use dark colours such as black, grey or brown. They will make the space claustrophobic, which is the very opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Opt for bright and vivid colours, such as yellow, orange, or blue even. These colours will open up the space and are more pleasant to look at. Not only can you colour the walls, but other surfaces and furniture as well.  A bold solution would be to paint the floor, especially if it’s made of concrete.


Embrace the space surrounding the outdoor area. Wherever it is, there is going to some form of plant life around it. Don’t do away with it, but just the contrary. Put flower pots, creepers and other decorative flowers to liven up the space.

Creating a separate space

Nature is your best ally for the ultimate goal of creating your outdoor Eden. It is foremost a separate space from the rest of a house and it should have a physical division. You can make use of old or improvised partition panels to create a unique space that you can enjoy it. In addition, it will give much-needed privacy to you and your guests.

A roof over the head

Once your patio is separated vertically, you might want to consider horizontal overhead protection as well. Adding a “ceiling” will not only round up the whole space, but it will shelter you from the elements as well. The type of the shade depends on the size of your outdoor space. You would be surprised by the range of various types of shades, such as pergolas or awnings which companies like Aspect Shade can install. You can use their assortment as a guideline to decide what would suit your patio the best.


Assuming you have electricity outside, it is probably present in the form a simple light bulb sticking from the ceiling or protruding from a wall surface. Abandon the thought of leaving it like that, since light is much more than a necessity. You can create shades or even a chandelier to hang in your patio, creating an artistic light installation. Just make sure that the whole system is waterproof.

As we have seen, the most important thing about the outdoor space is perceiving it as such. Once you know what you want from that particular area, you can start adding various elements mentioned here, such as furniture, shades, lights etc. Only then are you fully ready to enjoy the cosiness of your very own piece of nature?

By Jessie Hogarth