8 Cool Bathroom Trends for 2018

8 Cool Bathroom Trends for 2018

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The bathroom may be a room of utility at its core. But it can also absolutely make or break a home. If you’ve ever visited an open house. You know how this room can completely polarize how you feel about a particular home. – for better or for worse.

Having a gorgeous bathroom is, therefore, of the absolute essence. It should receive as much dedication as your living room would. Which is why familiarizing yourself with popular bathroom trends is so important. Here are eight bathroom trends that are likely to remain hot throughout 2018.

Mediterranean-inspired design

The Mediterranean vibe is always popular and mosaic tile is irreplaceable here. Because it helps your space breathe that rich look. Careful, though, using the mosaic tile too much will make your bathroom appear borderline ridiculous. Use it more as an accent in the shower/tub area, or as backsplash.

Rustic/industrial elements

If you prefer a more industrial, rustic vibe, that’s great because this design brings in a ton of texture. The best part: everyone’s going to love it, because it is extremely trendy at the moment. Of course, a rustic, industrial vibe goes hand-in-hand with worn woods, concrete accents and exposed brick.


More into a typical, traditional bathroom vibe? Don’t go floral, try going white – it never really goes out of style, especially when we’re talking about bathrooms. The best part: white can look both classy and traditional. Plus it can be complemented with almost every look. Dress the bathroom up with traditional elements and fixtures but go with a casual industrial style for the base; it works!

Darker colors

Much like white, darker colors will always be trendy; this trend is already starting to spread in many kitchens. Of course, dramatic, somber colors are the name of the game here. But this may lead to things being, well, too gloomy. Add some gold accents to the equation for a darker look with a brighter twist or a black towel rail for something different.

Water saving

So far, we’ve dealt with design-oriented trends, which is natural and completely fine, but, in truth, saving water should be our top concern. Luckily, the modern bathroom can be both modern and stylish at the same time – water-saving fixtures might be more expensive than the regular ones, but you will save money in the long run, that’s a guarantee.


In tune with water saving, this age of pragmatism is always trying to justify aesthetics with practicality, and that is completely fine. Ease of use is the name of the game with things such as comfort-height toilets, side-mount faucets, curbless showers (easy to clean and fit into any bathroom, plus they make the room appear larger). Expanding the space you have at hand can be done by removing unnecessary items and finding more practical alternatives. For example, a popular Australian bidet toilet seats shop offers modern bidets that can be fitted into the toilet.

Oh, here’s another idea: a bathtub/shower wet room – this can look really cool.


Yep, on the opposite side of practicality, lies this luxurious trend – media and music in the bathroom? Why not! As a matter of fact, electronics keep finding their place in bathrooms – wireless speakers, docking stations, Bluetooth devices, you name it! You can even incorporate these devices into your mirrors and vanities for maximum enjoyment. In fact, there are all-in-one showerheads which are fitted with speakers. Enjoy an exquisite water-music therapy each time you go for a shower!

In-floor heat

There’s nothing cozier during the cold mornings than warm floors. Amazingly pleasant and energy-efficient, radiant floor heating will warm not only your feet, but your entire body. The two types of radiant floor heating are the less expensive and easy-to-install electric mats, and the hydronic systems. Which are much more affordable to operate than the electric mats. But are more expensive (and complicated) to install. In any case, both of these are incredibly comfortable and convenient.

These eight cool trends are likely to be on the top of the 2018 game. Whether you want to go Mediterranean, vintage, rustic, or are one for practicality, or maybe luxury, we hope that you’ve found your perfect style choice here.

By Diana Smith