7 Ways to give your small home a luxurious vibe

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Ah, the trouble of decorating a small home… If you have so many great ideas that can improve the look of your small space, but not nearly enough room to pull it off, don’t worry. It’s possible to make even the tiniest of spaces look luxe and stylish! Are you ready to hear the secret of designing a small luxurious home?

Invest in stylish double-duty furniture

Furniture with hidden storage space is not only super practical, but it can also be a beautiful addition to your home. It’s especially attractive to people with smaller homes that always wage a war with storage. So, in order to maximize your space, invest in a stylish ottoman with under-seating storage or a coffee table with a few drawers. Opt for hardwood with a glossy finish, or splurge on a custom-made piece with modern chrome details.

Pay attention to your entryway

If you ever visited a luxe 5-star hotel then you must remember how much attention the designer and architect paid to the entryway and the lobby. If you want to create a similar effect in your small hallway, the first thing you need to do is find something that will be an amazing focal point. A good solution is always a small but quality table, especially if you have enough space to put it in the middle of your entry. Add an intricate lamp, interesting books or some fresh flowers to it. A stylish plump chair will also look amazing and be quite useful for putting the shoes on.

Boost your lighting

A luxe space and a beautiful design are always well-lit and layerd with lighting. Think variety of side lamps, standing lamps, sconces and lush chandeliers. If you want to boost your lighting, it’s best to start from your main overhead fixture. Change outdated fixtures with something more modern and sculptural with romantic dimmers. Also, if you have a piece of art or architectural element that you want to highlight, make sure to install accent wall sconces that will bring it into the spotlights. It’s a trick used by luxe villas and hotels, but feel free to steal their ideas.

Don’t neglect the windows

Even though window treatments make a huge impact on the way our homes look, we often tend to neglect it and slap on the first curtain that comes to our hands. However, cheap window coverings look nothing but luxurious. Instead, pick a luxe fabric that appeals to you and complements your home’s colour palette and take it to an experienced seamstress. Also, don’t forget blackout curtains for your bedroom for an ultimate fancy hotel experience.

Splurge on one element of your choosing

Even if you’re redecorating on a shoestring budget, every expert will recommend that you bite the bullet and splurge on one element that you really love. For instance, a high-tech showerhead with powerful jets and a programmable pressure and temperature will turn your simple bathroom into a refreshing home spa. It’s a luxury you’ll use every day, so it will really be worth it.

Create an open-space concept

Many people yearn for luxe, spacious and airy homes. For instance, Australian homeowners often opt for modern open-space homes, especially if they live in a smaller house. This floor plan will open up your home and create an illusion of space, even though you lack square footage.  However, if you’re planning to invest in a bigger remodelling project such as this, make sure to hire pro help. Experienced Melbourne architects will provide you with a stylish and practical open-space design and make sure everything goes according to plan once you start knocking down your walls.

Perfect temperature for a perfect home

There is nothing luxe in a home that resembles a sauna more than a comfy and elegant 5-star hotel, so make sure to take care of your temperature regulation. This is an easy one because all you need is a good smart thermostat and you’re set.

So, don’t beat your head about the size of your home. Instead, employ these tips and tricks, make the best use of your space and your home will be as luxe as the biggest millionaire villa!

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