6 Winter Home Decor Tips To Try In This Winter

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With the season of long cold nights and the frosty winds knocking on our door, we tend to spend significant quality indoor time. Give a magical upgrade to your home. Transforming it into a perfect winter abode will surely help you overcome the winter blues.

Pepper your interior with cozy elements, including window plantation shutters, rugs, plush velvet fabrics, crystal accessories, wooden furniture, shimmery lights and of course, an enriching colour palette. The winter outdoors is dull, but your interior can be a lively, colourful winter wonderland.

Don’t know where and how to start? We’re here to help you with our decor tips. Inspired from stunning interior decor presentations across the globe, we’ve curated an amazing style guide to transforming your home into a magnificent winter sanctuary.

Let’s get started!

Play With Splashes of Color

The best way to breathe in life to any dull, mundane spaces is to inject enriching hues. Whenever we talk about colour, the first thing that comes to our mind is the walls.

Undoubtedly walls play a pivotal role in your interior. But there are so many other decor elements that you can play with to introduce warm, charming and beautiful tones to your living space.

Introduce indoor plantation shutters with a timbre accent for a natural look or pops of colour for a vivacious, traditional look. Cushions are another component where you can use your creativity to sprinkle colour throughout your interior. Shades like fuchsia, mustard yellow, emerald, green, royal blue, cherry red, burgundy are an exquisite addition to spice up your home. You can paint an accented wall to complement the charm of these decor elements and tie the colour palette together.

Save Energy And Add An Aesthetic Flair With Window Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters Melbourne are a stunning and sophisticated addition to any home, especially during winter when the mercury starts dropping. These elegant window furnishings don’t just add visual warmth but help to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

PVC, white teak and basswood plantation shutters are the most popular and durable shutters. PVC shutters are great for humid and moist areas, while white teak adds a formal elite look dining room or living area.

Basswood shutters are one of the most affordable yet robust shutters in Australia. They add a traditional timbre flair to your interiors and infuse warmth into your winter decor.

Plantation shutters aren’t dull anymore. With the best plantation shutters, you can rock any interior setup- natural, contemporary, vintage, industrial, minimalist and so on. You’ll never be disappointed with the style appeal and functionality of this versatile window treatment.

Buy plantation shutters from a credible and well-reputed manufacturer for quality products, excellent after-sales service and professional installation.

Inject Natural Freshness With Indoor Plants

The green foliage and colourful blossoms never fail to instill a dash of freshness within your interiors. If you love natural, earthy tones, go for olive leaf, cacti, etc. Bring in blooming lilies, orchids, etc., to add a colourful edge to your living space.

Not sure if you can maintain these plants? You always have the option to go for the artificial ones that require minimal care and maintenance.

Don’t Forget To Swap Your Bedding This Season

Updating your bedrooms for the winter months is the easiest and most affordable part of your home transformation. First and foremost, introduce plush fabrics. Thick, fluffy quilts, velvet throws are perfect winter beddings. Add cushions and pillows to imbue warm shades to your bedroom. Rugs are incredible for adding textures and designing focal points within your bedroom. Finish the look with bedside lamps or wall sconces.

Light Up The Ambiance With Stunning Light Fixtures

This winter don’t just depend on a single central light. Introduce textures with various lighting fixtures. That does not mean you need to introduce a chandelier. Different sleek, elegant, affordable lighting options are available for creating an enhancing vibe within your interiors.

Create mood lightings with table lamps, wall sconces, lanterns, candles or floor lamps. Sometimes you don’t need a large focal light. Retire into a couch with a glass of wine and the soft glow from the lamps to enjoy a warm, inviting and rejuvenating charm.

Finish The Look with Warm Furnishings and Accessories

Sheepskin throws, faux-fur rugs, scented candles, paintings, intricate wall hangings, timbre-accented photo frames, rattan accessories surely do wonders to add warmth to any winter decor.