5 ways to stage your backyard for a quick sale

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When it comes to prepping you property for a handsome sale, you need to think about all of the details, no matter how tiny or irrelevant they may seem to you. From completely redefining the interior design, to sprucing up the paintjob on the fence and the facade, all the way to the look, functionality, and feel of your backyard.

In fact, the effort you put into staging your backyard can be the determining factor between a successful and lucrative sale, and missing an opportunity of a lifetime. Here are the top five tips to help you stage your backyard like a pro, and win big.

Declutter and organise

First things first, before you move on to the decorating and the landscaping, you’ll need to give your backyard a thorough decluttering, making sure you give, sell, or throw away everything you haven’t used in over six months. Remember, you might not need it, but there are always people that do.

While you’re at it, use the opportunity to make a new layout of your surroundings. Think of new and interesting places you can place the seating area, or raise a flower or vegetable garden. Be sure to invest in a vertical garden along the fence as well – potential buyers love to see that a backyard boasts adequate intimacy and privacy.

Tidy up the landscape

Speaking of flower and vegetable gardens, another crucial factor is landscaping. Before you move on to the furniture and the arrangements, you need to make sure your backyard is radiating positivity, intimacy, and serenity with your chosen floral beds, potted greenery, and just general organisation.

Make sure there are no dry patches, holes, or anthills, no sunken soil, wild shrubbery or other elements that might upset the design of the landscape. Don’t forget to pick a certain approach and stick to it, so either colour-coordinate your flower arrangements, or go for a completely spontaneous design.

Spruce up the seating area

One of the most important aspects of a winning backyard design is its seating arrangement. It’s not just about the furniture, it’s about the entire setting and how it evokes certain emotions. Start by deciding whether the seating area will be square or oval shaped.

Next, make sure you invest in durable outdoor lounge furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing and complementary to the surrounding design, but also able to truly stand the test of time and persist under the varying elements. The seating area can surround a focal point in the backyard, such as a dining table, or it can look towards a flower garden and a statement fountain.

Add functionality and variety

Prospective homebuyers are not only looking for aesthetics, they are also looking for quality and functionality. The more functional areas you can incorporate into your backyard design, the better. Along with your garden and your seating area, you can substantially increase the value of your property by introducing an outdoor kitchen, a bar, or even a simple luxe grill area.

But that’s not all, you also want consider the size of the family that will be moving in. How many kids do they have, and do they have any pets as well? Consider a dedicated play area for the younglings boasting a tiny castle, wooden swing, and even a treehouse. This way you will not only increase the total worth of the house, but you will also invite families to envision their future here.

The sell is in the details

Finally, don’t forget think long and hard about the various details you can introduce into the setting to increase its aesthetic appeal even further. These don’t have to be any substantial changes, just several carefully though-out accents.

So think about adding beautiful walkway lighting throughout the backyard, and complement the route from the patio to the seating area with stepping stones. As a finishing touch, add lanterns above the furniture and the garden to illuminate the most beautiful areas.

In an attempt to sell your home without even having to negotiate the price, the backyard can play a pivotal role. Be sure to introduce these changes into your backyard setting and you will have no problem closing a quick sale.


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