5 Hottest interior design trends for 2018

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The New Year is finally here, and with it come all the exciting new interior design trends you can use to rejuvenate your home’s aesthetic appeal and bring its comfy vibe to a completely new level. While you should always stick to what you love no matter what the pros in the industry might say, you ought to search for inspiration in the professional realm rather than your neighbour’s place.

By incorporating some of the latest trends into your existing decor or even reconstructing the old setting completely, you can effectively and efficiently transform your home to suit your personality and taste. Here are the five hottest interior design trends for 2018.

Curved, sleek furniture

The time of strict, rectangular shapes when it comes to furniture and decor in general is over; 2018 is all about curves and softer edges designed to make the room feel intimate and inviting. To complement the softer lines around the room, striking hues such as deep green, burnt rose, and red ochre should be accentuated.

Moreover, you want to introduce interesting furniture and accessories such as round cushions and sloped mirrors, swivelling chairs and serpentine couches and sofas. If you feel the place needs a complete overhaul, opt for arches in entryways and around the decor line.

Antique instead of faux industrial

While the industrial approach is always a nice way to add a dash of retro flair into your living environment, faux industrial and other elements made to look old should stay in 2017. This year, it’s all about authenticity. Luckily, there are plenty of interesting pieces to choose from that tie together any design.

Instead of paying for overpriced furniture made to look worn out, visit a local vintage shop or a thrift store – you are bound to find a truly authentic piece of furniture for half the price. You can even search online and visit the local salvage place for some amazing deals.

Metal details and outlines

Mixing metal details and accents around the house might have been unimaginable a few years ago, but now metal is making a big comeback in households around the world. Combining metal accents such as hammered copper light fixtures with a chrome faucet or cabinet hardware is a great choice, but the kitchen is not the only place where metal details can be accentuated.

Think about the aesthetic appeal of your entryway, and how the patio welcomes your visitor into the homey setting inside. You want to combine metal accents in order to create an inviting ambiance, so introduce a stainless steel doormat in a natural hue complemented with steel cone lighting and sleek metal bench laden with soft cushioning.

Darker kitchens for intimacy

Classic white kitchens have always been popular with homeowners, and nowadays you can see a white kitchen setting anywhere you go. This is all about to change, as darker, more intimate hues are overthrowing their lighter counterparts in favour of personality, charm, and positivity.

Natural woods such as chestnut flooring and tables, navy blue cabinets with sleek metal fixtures, and deep green backdrops, all accentuated with a contrasting island countertop are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen designs. Coupled with plenty of natural light, the room will have no problem coming to life.

Complement the trends with personality

Finally, there’s simply no replacing the timeless personal approach every home decor needs to portray. Whatever the trend might dictate, you want to take the things that resonate with your personality and combine them with other elements that make you feel warm, happy, and in love with your surroundings.

Use these trends to rejuvenate your home’s interior and create a new and exciting living environment the entire family will love, but don’t forget to stay true to yourself. By incorporating the latest 2018 trends into your home, you will have no problem reinventing your interior design without busting the bank or losing your unique vibe, plus some changes will contribute to the eco-friendly feel and impact of your home.