10 Ways to Get the Classic British Heritage Look in Your Home

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While today there are so many interior styles you can choose from. People often go for the ever-popular minimalist design. However, white walls and sparse decoration might not be your cup of tea. If you’re looking for ways to spice up the look of your interior and make it look warmer and more charming. The classic British heritage look might be perfect for you. Combining eclectic with traditional. It has elements of elegant Victorian homes as well as rustic farmhouses and cottages. Mixed in with a couple of modern notes – creating a truly gorgeous. Homey atmosphere while not neglecting practicality and the needs of today’s people. To find some inspiration regarding this style, read on to learn about the ways of achieving this unique look.

Colors are of the essence

When creating the British heritage look, colors play an extremely important role. Go with pale neutrals if you want to aim for a classic country style. But still keep it up-to-date. Bright flooring and pale fabrics for the furniture will give the room an airy look while still retaining the traditional vibe. However, don’t refrain from adding pops of color. British homes love incorporating a couple of bright elements. Such as a rug or a couple of pillows. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a truly chic Victorian interior, rich colors are the way to go. If you’re bold enough, choose wine red or plum for the walls which will perfectly complement your antique furniture.

Cover the walls

As mentioned, you can already set the tone of your British-inspired home with the right wall colors. The ideas, however, don’t stop here. Wallpapers are a popular choice for creating the heritage look. From truly traditional motifs and vintage patterns that mimic the original 19th-century wallpapers to those boasting a modern twist with unexpected designs, there are countless options to choose from. If you think having a pattern all over your walls might be a bit overwhelming, choose one feature wall to apply it to and paint the rest of the walls in a similar hue.

Natural textures

In creating the British heritage look, natural surfaces and textures are paramount. An antique-looking, worn-out hardwood floor is an extremely charming feature of this style, so if your floors are showing a bit of wear, embrace them instead of updating them, and just add a rug in the middle of the room.


Both patterned and simple colored tiles are back in style and they are the perfect way to make your bathroom and kitchen more interesting and also practical. Similar rules as with wallpaper apply here too; you can use intricately patterned tiles to cover your entire floor, or only as accents on your walls in combination with simple metro tiles or even stylish stone tiles. They will look fantastic in any case.

A heritage bathroom

Speaking of tiles, they are not the only way to turn your bathroom into a traditional-looking Victorian space. You can also look into Victorian-inspired toilet designs if your budget allows it. Or go for more affordable updates such as repanelling your old bath instead of getting a brand new one. A couple of traditional bathroom fittings are also a great way of bringing a bit of heritage style into your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Traditional furniture pieces

Getting the right furniture pieces will take you one step closer to a classic heritage home. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this. Visit your local flea markets, yard sales, antique shops, or even second-hand furniture stores. Furthermore, if you’re lucky, you can come across amazing vintage furniture pieces that will be perfect for your design. Even if you find something that looks a bit too worn-out, it might be worth getting it since you can easily repaint it or reupholster it if you think it needs the update. Find upholstery in vintage prints and you can create a unified look in your living room even with furniture pieces that originally didn’t really match. Also, don’t forget to choose a centerpiece for your living room, which can be a luxurious-looking armchair or…

A warm fireplace

We cannot imagine a traditional heritage home without a fireplace, right? Alternatively, a wood burning stove is also a great addition. If you already have a fireplace, you are in luck. All you’ll have to do is add a mantel to it where you can display some of your family photos, vintage candle holders or other decoration.

Spectacular chandeliers

If your design is more on the luxurious side, consider getting a spectacular chandelier. Depending on the design of your room, you can go for crystal or even brass – it will not only bring plenty of illumination into your space but it can also serve as a perfect centerpiece.

A cozy library

If your home allows it and if you’re someone who loves spending hours nestled into your reading nook enjoying your favorite novels, transforming one of your rooms into a designated “library” is an amazing idea for a British heritage home. Cover the walls with bookshelves from floor to ceiling, add a comfortable faux leather armchair and a reading lamp, perhaps even a desk if you have the space, and your very own library is done. If you don’t have a spare room for this purpose, creating a corner in your bedroom is a great alternative.


Finally, if you’re designing a heritage home, you have a chance to go crazy with the decoration. Feel free to display your prized possessions on your shelves and mantel, hang mirrors or large artworks with intricate frames all over your walls and add various decorations on your side and coffee tables. Just pay attention not to over clutter, and you’ll create an interesting, homey atmosphere.

by Ron Wolf