Experience Floor Plan Designs With Virtual Reality

Home Renovators

Are you a home renovator? Your designs can come to life with virtual reality. Your 2D plans will become an interactive playground for you. Design and furnish plans and experience them in virtual reality.

Real Estate Agents

Create a new experience for your customers and purchasers. Let them experience a new dimension of interaction. Complement any walk through tours you may have with the next level using virtual reality. 

Builders & Developers

Create a new experience for your purchasers. Let them experience a new dimension of interaction. A single floor plan can be seen multiple ways with different furnishings, colours and style combinations  

Are you ready for an extraordinary experience

Explore your plan creations and every single piece of furniture in virtual reality. With your phone and a virtual reality (VR) viewer you can visualize and experience your project on a completely new level.

Walk through your first virtual floor now!

You can simply download the Roomle ViewR App in the Appstore (iOS/Android) and then open this plan below with your smartphone. You are then asked if you want to open the plan with the Roomle App or with the Roomle ViewR App. Go ahead and click on the Roomle ViewR App and start walking through this plan live in 3D.

Create your own plan

Create your own design here. The process is simple and fun. With the online designer, you can create your plans and save them. You can also share your plans with family and friends. Available to use on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices your plans go where you go.  What are you waiting for!

Try it out for yourself with this existing layout. See how you can add different furniture, change the colour of the walls and flooring. Move furniture around or change the colour combinations of what is used. This can all be done online for free. What are you waiting for!


Do I need special skills to design?
No, using the online planner doesn’t require any special skills. Whether you are someone who is designing an interior for the first time or experienced professional, it is a tool which ensures intuitive and effortless creative process.

Do I need special equipment?
To be able to use the online planner, all you need is your smart phone and Google cardboard or any other virtual reality glasses.

Can I use my laptop or tablet to design?
Yes, you can design your interior on your laptop or any tablet and later check the design through your cardboard using your phone.

Does Online Planner show an exact  view of my apartment?
The online planner gives you an opportunity to set floor layout exactly as it is in your home and then build it around with furniture, so in the end you get an exact view of your interior.

How much does it cost?
You can use basic features of the app and Virtual reality mode for free! If you want to expand particular functions, such as HD rendering and full catalog access, find prices on the app.