Why use a Single Page Website to Promote Homes for Sale

Why use a Single Page Website to Promote Homes for Sale

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Though no one knows what the future holds, and it isn’t set in stone, but we all aspire for a comfortable lifestyle. When a real estate agent sells a property, they are not just pitching a house but a lifestyle and potential future to a customer. Since real estate is such a major investment, matching a buyer to their dream home can be super daunting even for the professionals.

If you’re wondering how to manage the best lead generation for real estate then here’s a tip- it’s done by finding the right audience, wondering how? Well, by taking your offering to your customers and showing it to them where and when they are most comfortable and likely to be receptive to your messaging i.e. in their homes. Again, you’re wondering how? It’s simple, take it to them digitally by creating a single page website for a property.

Single page websites allow you to comprehensively describe a property with pictures and videos as well as text. Potential clients can easily visualize what the house has to offer and whether it is the right fit for their needs or not without wasting any time waiting for property viewing appointments. Hence increasing the effectiveness of online real estate lead generation efforts.

In addition, you can also run paid ads on search engines and social media for a particular property. This way you can reach more people and increase the likelihood of a conversion. Many real estate agents enable delivery of gated content to website visitors. What this means is that you get people to register for a newsletter or other alerts with their email through your website. So, when you have a similar property you can send out email alerts to them.

A single page website or landing page created for a property listing is often referred to as a real estate lead capture page. These pages encourage visitors to share some sort of contact information with you to turn them into a cold lead which may be converted to a warm one with a little more effort.

Another benefit of single page real estate websites is that you can easily track what sort of response you’re getting from your audience on your digital marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can easily optimize your property to appear in searches. Also, website visitors are unlikely to get distracted by tons of other listings on these websites as is the case with using property listing sites.

Moreover, there is lots of competition between similar houses in a locality, so you don’t have a lot of opportunity to properly pitch your property. Primarily, because content in a single listing is usually limited to a single image and descriptions with a small number of characters. Hence have a much lower click through rate. As a real estate agent, you will need to focus on reducing the lead cycle for higher conversion in your locality.


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