Why Should You Take My 90-Day “Hour of Power” Challenge?

Why Should You Take My 90-Day “Hour of Power” Challenge?

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One aspect of my job as a coach is that I enjoy seeing people progress.

So, if someone exposes a flaw in me, I'm not going to "let it go."

I'm going to confront them and push them to improve things.

This was the situation recently with one of our Team+ coaching program's Rockstar team leaders.

When Karen Peters of Wayne, NJ, revealed that her team was having trouble making calls, I asked if they were up for a challenge.

Karen now claims that those statements caused her to "panic."

But, to her credit, she rose to the occasion and inspired her colleagues to do the same. "If we're going to do this, we have to be all in," she told her four buyer's agents and administrative employees. "We can't fail Tom."

And after just four weeks, Karen has proposed that they push the challenge even farther!


My Challenge Is As Follows:

What I presented to Karen was actually fairly straightforward (not easy, but straightforward): 90 days – not including weekends or holidays – of making "Hour of Power" calls until each member had six chats... with NO EXCUSES!

They've been doing this since the beginning of the year and plan to continue through April 16th.

What do you think... do you think you could accomplish it?

Here are some reasons why you should follow Karen's lead...

This month, she and her team have already finalized 11 transactions and have another 23 under contract!

By following up on past leads, they were able to schedule 28 new appointments!

Karen admits, "It's actually been amazing!" where she was earlier afraid of this endeavor.


They're On Their Way To Having Their Best Year Ever

Karen and her team set a personal record in 2020, with 135 transactions totaling $1.52 million in GCI.

For 2021, they have set even higher targets.

Because they can't all be at the office due to the epidemic, they convene every day at 8:55 a.m. via Zoom for a little "huddle." Then it's "game on" at 9:00 p.m., with each of them making their own decisions.

They stay on Zoom so they can keep an eye on each other, offer encouragement, and share comments in the conversation. Karen's administrative staff even joins in the cheering with homemade signs!

For the first 45 minutes, they concentrate on following up on Zillow-generated buyer leads.

Then they phone their geo farm street by street for the next 15 minutes, looking for seller leads. (Since starting this commitment, Karen has already phoned ALL of her previous clients over the previous three years.) Have you done so?)

Karen recently requested that her team actually ADD more time to their phone sessions because the outcomes of all this effort have been so promising!

Imagine it: a task that sounded difficult only four weeks ago is now something Karen wants to push even harder!


Aside From More Clients, There Are Further Advantages

Karen claims that this experiment has brought her staff closer together and developed a better culture among them, in addition to the excellent figures they produced in January. She claims it's taught them all a valuable lesson in the value of accountability.

She also believes it demonstrates how simple it is to overcome one's worries. Karen had never "cold called" her geographic farm before this practice. She'd phone people in her sphere and previous clients, but never strangers.

"It's not difficult to follow up. Karen explains, "It's only a matter of dedication." "Because of the changes in open houses and the fact that many purchasers have agents, it has been beneficial for us all to schedule more showings." Showings result in written offers, which are more likely to be accepted."

She claims that the process of overcoming her fear has spilled over into other areas of her life and career!

That's exactly what I want to hear!

The missed opportunities of some of their older leads who had already purchased homes with other agents is a painful but important lesson they've learned as a result of this. Those interactions, Karen explains, hammer home the significance of following up.

But… What Do They Have To Say?

For each call, Karen and her buyer's agents use the same script.

They had a buyer seminar around six months ago and are planning another in the near future, giving them a reason to contact possible buyers.

Ten potential buyers have signed up to attend the lecture, according to one of Karen's representatives.

Karen stated that she was currently working on a new selling script that will be implemented soon.


One Hour A Day To Create Greatness

So, in light of her increased business, closer relationships with her staff, overcoming preconceived anxieties, and the probability of more recommendations as a result of remaining in touch...

Is it really worth an hour a day to be disciplined in your phone calls?

Karen would undoubtedly agree.

"Understanding dedication, instilling trust in the agents, and working as a team have been the most valuable lessons," she says. "Your dedication to the objective has demonstrated to everyone that your fear is less significant than your devotion to the goal." Every morning, we're all working together."

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