Why should Real Estate Agents use Landing Pages

Why should Real Estate Agents use Landing Pages

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If you are a real estate agent, you must constantly be searching for ways to target audiences for your business. Landing pages can be the first step in bringing your targeted customers to your website.

You might ask why you need another landing page when you have everything right on the home page of your site?

The landing page is action oriented. It allows visitors to take specific actions that can bring them one step closer to conversion. Visitors can land on this page only after clicking on a link that you send out through a targeted campaign.

There are many more advantages of using a landing page. Here is why you should use them more often to promote your real estate business.

1. Quick access

Landing pages are standalone pages, so it doesn't take long to load compared to a web page. When you post high-quality images on websites, especially in real estate, the home page takes a long time to load and annoys visitors. With a landing page, you can concisely and quickly convey the same message and increase the chances of your visitors turning into leads.

2. Targeted campaign

Unlike web pages, landing pages are more specific and target one type of audience. For example, if you are a real estate agent trying to sell luxury villas in Melbourne, you want to attract high-income clients. With a landing page, you can reach out to your potential customers with a clear headline and USP. The benefit of using a landing page is that only people who want to invest in luxury real estate will click on your ad and visit your page. As a result, your chances of converting your premium listing will increase.

3. Simplify decision making

Imagine your prospects landing on your website instead of a landing page. In the above example, if the visitor has to go through each page on the website without any clue where to find the luxury property listings or what to do next, they will bounce back and move to other advertisements. You can simplify home search and decision making for your potential customers by directing them to a page specifically designed for them.

4. Specific CTA

Whether your goal is to make your visitors fill an enquiry form, download a brochure, visit your website, or call your sales executive, you can include specific CTA buttons on your landing page. You can make your visitors act the way you want. It avoids ambiguity and helps you analyze the data and draw clear conclusions from it.

5. Ad campaign success

If you pay per click (PPC) for your ads, you need targeted visitors to your page who can quickly turn into leads. A potential customer who clicks on your ad but goes to another page will increase your PPC costs and result in lower conversions. Hence, a well-optimized landing page can add to the success of your ad campaign.

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