Why Real Estate Photographers Are Important For Your Listings

Why Real Estate Photographers Are Important For Your Listings

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In the previous year, real estate saw significant upheaval. The way real estate agents market and sell homes had to alter quickly as COVID-19 did for many other sectors. For realtors to sell properties and assist homebuyers, real estate photography has become essential. Agents had to fast adjust to it because it wasn't something they were taught when they obtained their real estate license.
Realtors are able to sell listings more quickly than ever because of the creativity and experience of real estate photographers. Listings with stunning images or even virtual tours can be unique and entertaining ways to highlight a listing.

For your listings, a real estate photographer is necessary for the following 3 reasons.


Sell Ads To Earn More

Even though real estate photography isn't cheap, not hiring one could end up losing you thousands of dollars! Real estate photography increases the value of your listings and increases the price at which your home can be sold. Your listings may sell for more money if real estate photography is used.
When you work with a real estate photographer, the images increase the value of your home relative to those without. The Wall Street Journal reports that these listings can make between $934 and $116,076 at the closing table! making your listings more valuable when compared to homes without DSLR photos.
Redfin also claims that homes with professional DSLR shots sell more frequently than those with point-and-shoot photos. According to the survey, there has been a rise in every price group, ranging from 5 to 17 percent.
To sell their listings for more money is one of the main motives behind why Realtors use a real estate photographer. To help a home sell more quickly, real estate agents frequently employ real estate photographers.


Sell Properties Quicker

Real estate photography can help you sell a house more quickly in addition to making your listing look better.
Additionally, Redfin's study revealed that listings with high-quality DSLR photographs sell more quickly. Depending on price, it took longer to sell a home, but on average, residences priced at $400,000 sold 3 weeks quicker than those without professional photos.
Homes with professional images on the listing sold 36% faster than other homes, according to a different PR Newswire research. In contrast to the 123 days of other listings, those houses spent an average of 89 days on the market.
Real estate photography is essential for individuals who want to sell their houses quickly. A real estate agent should hire a professional photographer for one more important reason, though.


Create A Positive Impression

Images and looks are important to a real estate professional. Consequently, it's essential to use the best photographs you can for your listings.
Since first impressions count, agents need top-notch photos to draw in customers. Since more than 90% of buyers begin their real estate search online, having excellent images is essential for luring buyers or potential customers.
High-quality photographs can speak volumes about your abilities as a real estate agent because they might be worth a thousand words. Your pictures can be used in marketing materials for you or your listings as well as on your website and in listings.
Investing in a real estate photographer is a fantastic method to demonstrate to your clients your skill and concern as a realtor. It improves the appearance of your listings and makes them more appealing, which is essential for real estate professionals.



You should hire a real estate photographer if you want to be a successful real estate agent. In addition to taking gorgeous images, they can improve your company in the following ways:

  1. Sell Ads to Earn More
  2. Sell Listings More Quickly
  3. Create A Positive Impression


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