Why Is ‘Scoreboarding’ So Important To Your Success?

Why Is ‘Scoreboarding’ So Important To Your Success?

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Consider the following scenario from the days when there were live sports:
You purchase a ticket to a Los Angeles Lakers game at Staples Center.
You battle traffic, find a $40 parking place, grab some snacks and beverages, and then find your seat.
When the game begins, you look up in the rafters and notice that the scoreboard is... vanished!
There isn't anything to be found there.


No one is keeping score while the players dribble, pass, and shoot. They decide to cease playing after a certain period of time has passed, and everyone returns home.
Please tell me...
Is that the same as going to a game where the sides are battling it out for every crucial point as the clock ticks down to the final buzzer?
No,  All the drama, tension, urgency, and excitement go when the scoreboard and the time are removed.
So here's what I'd want to ask you: Is your game played with or without a scoreboard?


Everything Should Be Tracked And Measured

I've recently talked about how I feel you have a window of opportunity to be more productive than ever before - for those in the United States, from now until the election, or potentially until the end of the year.
And making sure you're recording and measuring everything you do is one of the most crucial things you can take to enhance efficiency.
Especially at this time!
This necessitates the use of scoreboards and other visual aids, regardless of where you work these days.


Use Pearson's Law To Your Advantage

"When performance is measured, performance improves," according to Pearson's Law. The rate of improvement accelerates when performance is assessed and reported."
So, wherever feasible, keep your goals and "actuals" in front of you and in the public light. It's real when they're awake and visual. It's not when they're tucked away in a drawer.


Here's a list of things you should keep note of:

  • Appointments with a purpose (and by when)
  • Appointments in the flesh
  • Conversations
  • Calls
  • Conversion rate from phone call to appointment
  • Transactions completed
  • GCI/earnings

Add any indicators you know are crucial to your progress and will motivate you on a daily basis to that list.

Experience The Difference

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