Why Data And Content Are Crucial To Growing Your Business?

Why Data And Content Are Crucial To Growing Your Business?

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I'm very thrilled whenever I can introduce others to worthwhile concepts.
I was therefore virtually delighted to introduce Mark Roberge as a special guest speaker at our recent Team+ Retreat in Boston, an exclusive gathering for our Team+ coaching members.
Mark is the author of the outstanding book "The Sales Acceleration Formula" and the former Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot. He is one of the smartest people I know and an expert in content marketing.
I'm overjoyed to introduce him to you in this episode.
For the complete tale, watch the broadcast up above. Here, I'll break down five excellent lessons learned from our discussion.


Tip #1: Use The Data

We need to be more data-driven in all that we do in sales, which is one of Mark's main messages. That covers recruiting, educating, supervising, etc. The good news is that since sales are one of the endeavors that are most easily quantified, it is simple to use statistics to assess our effectiveness.
Mark claims that tracking and measuring your data is crucial if you want to improve your capacity to fall asleep at night and increase predictability in your business. You'll have more control and knowledge of your progress toward your objectives if you do this.


Tip #2: Recognize How Internet Sales Have Changed Totally

Since the introduction of the Internet, the sales process has undergone tremendous transformation.
This may not be more true than in the real estate industry.
Whereas formerly individuals had to speak with a salesperson to learn about a house, all that information is now available online. Therefore, you must play a more active role than merely promoting "the product" to others.
As opposed to just pushing your goods, Mark advises you to "step up and connect." Even when discussing a home, you must convey your point in a way that a website cannot.


Tip #3: Split Your Content Into 1/3 And 2/3

Mark believes that many agencies are passing up significant opportunities when it comes to their content marketing.
It was also referred to as "one of the largest changes I don't see real estate salespeople going after" by him.
It is not sufficient to only produce your own material. According to Mark, that material should make up one-third of your overall content creation.
The material of well-known regional thought leaders, subject matter experts, and others should be promoted with the remaining two-thirds.
Make a list of 10, 20, and 50 influential locals in your area, such as the mayor of your town or a prominent local journalist, and spread the word about them, suggests Mark.
This accomplishes two crucial goals:

  1. If you do this regularly, you'll eventually establish yourself as a reliable source of local news—someone who others turn to for information on everything happening in your neighborhood market.
  2. It procures favors from influential individuals. When you have worthwhile material to share, these individuals with large followings are likely to promote your content.


Tip #4: Make An Effort To Exhibit Mark's 5 Qualities Of Great Salespeople

Mark lists five characteristics of successful salesmen in his book. What percentage of these do you own?

  • Coachability
  • Curiosity
  • Prior Achievement
  • Intelligence
  • Ethics at Work

According to him, the ideal person has both an "openness to coaching and the skill to implement it," but some people only have one or the other.
Are you a coachable person?


Tip #5: Get Out Of Your Own Way

How much involvement you require will determine how much you can expand your company, according to Mark.
According to him, "Whatever your business depends on you for is your roadblock to scaling."
Play out numerous scenarios when you are absent to see how much your company would still function. Without your involvement directly, what would fail in a single day? (3) days? A week?
Scaling your business will be easier the more you can automate and delegate!

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