Why Choosing The Right Home And  A Right Builder Is An Essential Process?

Why Choosing The Right Home And A Right Builder Is An Essential Process?

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When you decide to build a home of your dreams, try to picture what exactly your home will look like. Are you planning to make it a colonial home, an art deco, more of a vintage home or a completely contemporary home? Would you go experimental and invest in a dual occupancy home?

Every home has its unique set of requirements. But the most common set of needs include a proper facility of sanitation without any inconvenience of entry and exit passage. Make sure when you build your home it doesn’t lack the bare minimum of basics.

Colonial Homes

Talking about colonial homes, it dates back to the early 1800s, during that time. It accommodated mainly farmers, workers and their lands. Located in the suburbs of the city, it covered the entire land of cultivation for the workers. With this, in today’s time and age. The Colonial-style homes are the most preferred type of houses as it gives a modern, classic and luxury feel to the home.

Art Deco Houses

With this, the style of art deco holds another set of aestheticism in sync with the rich colours, traditional set of geometry and precision of its detailings. The style of art deco was first uncovered in France before the WWI and this has influenced heavily to the design, furniture, jewellery, fashion and automobile.

Queen Anne Style

This type of architecture commenced after the period of Victoria and is now, more recognised as an Australian style of living. With the steep roofs, deep-toned brief, patterned wallpapers and polished edges- these are considered as a norm to any part of the designs.

Contemporary/Modern Style Houses

This particular style speaks for itself, it is a more contemporary form of architecture and they mask with their open and internal form of planning. Especially, the structure falls under any odd angles, shapes and with the possibility of a flat roof.

Dual Occupancy Homes

Builders in Melbourne are experts in dual occupancy houses. This trend is slowly taking over the masses and it is known as the most popular form of investment. Australians understand the tricks of entering the property with safe hands. As this particular type is built on the same land. It is shared a wall or is built as a separate house, overall increasing the value of the property. If you are looking for dual occupancy homes. LBD homes own expertise in construction and designing and are masters in such provinces. Additionally, that can help you to build a home that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and makes your heart happy.

By living in one and renting out the other, it helps you in sorting out your mortgage sooner. It is important to know the exact kind of property that one wants to invest in. Make sure that you evaluate the land before you make a purchase and ensure that it fulfils all the requirements of your dream home. Furthermore, the work doesn’t once the land is bought, the real hassle and chaos start then…


When you choose a trustworthy builder, who understands the concept of building and your dreams. They create something perfect for you. It is advisable to choose a builder who is professional and knowledgeable. The process that is set, they should understand the basics of building. Do’s and don't s, who doesn’t experiment- as there is a huge amount of money involved. LBD Homes are known for their reliable builders for dual occupancy homes in Melbourne.Therefore, they provide a variety of services. They know what you want and following a guide with cost explanation. Finally, LBD Homes can even work as estate agents, in case of renting or selling.

Whatever you need, call LBD homes today!

By Daniel Clark