Where Does Your Company Need Support The Most?

Where Does Your Company Need Support The Most?

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Quick… On a scale of 1 to 10, rank your company in each of the following 5 categories:

  • Creating leads through marketing
  • Conversion of leads
  • Efficiency tricks
  • Teams
  • Acceleration & Coaching

These five areas have continually emerged as being most important to agents' performance in my more than 30 years of dealing with real estate professionals.
So… Where do you most need assistance?
Then, where are you going to discover it?


I Have A Suggestion

I'm very thrilled to assist you with your second question.
In addition, this August's Success Summit will mark our 15th anniversary.
However, it also seems to be going to be the best one we've ever done.
If you attended the event the previous year, you might recall that we had a few breakout sessions for certain guests over the course of the four days.
After that event, I realized we were on the right track and could provide even more value in 2018 by doing two things:

  • the number of breakout sessions will be increased, and
  • letting everyone use them!

The real beauty of it is as follows:
Numerous types of real estate agents who are succeeding in various ways are among our thousands of tutoring members. These people, from the incredibly successful superteams to the brand-new upstarts, will discuss exactly how they are succeeding in each breakout session.
You can "R&D" (steal off and copy) what they're doing after you attend to put their tactics into practice and enhance your own business.


The 2018 Breakout Sessions Are Now Available!

Now that these have been planned, orchestrated, and developed since last August, it is time to reveal the names of the breakout sessions for the 2019 Success Summit.

The sessions are organized into the five "tracks" I outlined before, and they are intended to assist you to improve the areas of your business that most need it.

Look It Over:

Marketing & Lead Generation Track | Jason Pantana, Lead

  • How to Manage Search and Social Ads Professionally
  • How to Become Your Market's "Digital Mayor" and Why
  • Everyone-Opening Emails That REALLY SELL
  • Making YOUR Brand Visible in Specific Facebook Groups
  • How to Build a Self-Running Marketing Machine – Not Your Life!


TRACK: Lead Conversion | Bill Pipes As Leader

  • Secrets of Million Dollar Agents for Conversion
  • Hacks for Influence & Persuasion That Always Get a "Yes"
  • Developing Your Objection Handling Skills
  • How Video Can Become Your Secret Weapon for Conversion
  • How to Turn EACH Online Lead


Productivity Hacks | Jeff Mays, Lead

  • Three Ways to Increase Commissions
  • 6 Apps & Sites to Get Done... Quickly!
  • More time, stronger relationships: Leverage's Amazing Power
  • Your Business Will Double in Half the Time
  • Secrets of the Super Organized for Making Money


TRACK: Teams | Debbie Holloway As The Leader

  • Thinking of a Team? Seven Choices Every Effective Team Leader Made
  • How to Easily Draw the BEST Talent
  • 90 days to incredibly efficient new team members
  • How to Ensure the Right Fit on Your Team: Coach Up or Coach Out
  • Seven Leadership Techniques to Lead a High-Performance Team


TRACK: Coaching & Acceleration | I, Tom Ferry, am in charge of it.

  • 20-Something Upstarts Who Are CRUSHING It!
  • How to Thrive as well as Survive! - In the midst of an 87% Failure Rate
  • Rebooting Veteran Agents: How and Why They Need to Press the Reset Button
  • Making $10 million GCI a Reality: Living the Dream Life
  • The Million-Dollar Agents' Daily and Weekly Checklists

Experience The Difference

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