What Ways the Special Size Shower Screens Are Effective for a Bathroom?

What Ways the Special Size Shower Screens Are Effective for a Bathroom?

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Having a shower with no privacy is not at all acceptable, especially when you know that your bathroom has enough space to afford a screen. Usually, these glass screens come in standard forms but, sometimes, the size can’t match your bathroom requirements. In such cases, you will need a customized size so that the border can fit around the shower area like a perfect enclosure.

Even though the specially sized shower screens are popular amongst many, there is still a major section of people who are unaware of the benefits of the shower. And for this very reason, they miss having a delightful shower within their privacy bubble.

Top Benefits of Special Size Shower Screen:

1. Makes the space more effective

No matter how large the bathroom is, you would certainly need a private section where you can have a shower at peace. Moreover, you would not want the water splashes to be spread in the bathroom. If the shower space is not separated, the entire space seems to be nothing but a mess. Moreover, you can’t even work properly in the bathroom if the shower area and the rest are mixed. For this reason, having special size shower screens is a must. If you divide the space, you will be able to use the bathroom effectively since you know where to put what things.

2. Establishes privacy for taking a shower

The main reason to install the special size shower screens is because of the privacy it provides. Most times, people choose hazy glass screens or translucent ones which can make the shower area partly invisible from the outside. As a result of this, you can take your shower without any disturbances and interruptions from anyone. Also, with the screen, you won’t have to use the old, boring curtains which are much less functional than the screens.

3. Less maintenance is required

The glass screens might look like a big investment but the truth is told, these screens require the least maintenance. Since water droplets will automatically accumulate on the screen surface, cleaning it wouldn’t be difficult. Moreover, if you have a steamy shower, the special size shower screens will not require too much cleaning effort. As a result, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time ensuring proper maintenance of the screen doors.

4. Acts as a style statement

Based on the style of the bathroom, you will be able to add a shower screen that can match its style. So, truly, with the best chosen special size shower screens, you will be able to add a special style statement to your bathroom. You can add a frameless glass screen which will look seamless with the fixtures done on the ceiling and floor. You can even look for screens with laser designs etched on the surface according to your choice.

Sometimes, people even install a glass screen with translucent borders passing across the middle in different thicknesses while the rest part is transparent. So, with all these wonderful variations, you can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the bathroom without any doubt.

5. Size can be customized

Sometimes people want to opt for a specialized shower screen that has to be customized as per the size of your bathroom, and here special size shower screens will be able to help you. You wouldn’t have to encounter any kind of size restriction, be it in terms of the area of the enclosing screen or the height of the same from the floor to the ceiling. All you need to do is take the proper measurements of your shower area and then choose a special size shower screens supplier who provides customizable options.


Shower screens are essential for maintaining the beauty and functionality of a bathroom. Moreover, with this installed, you will be able to maintain your privacy while enjoying the warm shower after a tiring day of work.

By Zoe Sewell