What Is Agent Legend: Take A Look At This Tool For Realtors For Free

What Is Agent Legend: Take A Look At This Tool For Realtors For Free

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Agent Legend is a real estate automation solution that makes it easier for agents to engage with prospects and clients.

I found it challenging to keep up with the fresh leads I was receiving each day as my real estate business grew. And I knew that if I didn't contact them quickly enough, someone else would. This is how I came across this product and decided to incorporate it into my lead creation strategy.

In this article, I'll explain what Agent Legend does, how it can help real estate professionals succeed, and how much the software costs.


How Does It Work?

Agent Legend automates your voicemail, texts, and emails with smart response scheduling tools. This saves time by avoiding uncommitted leads and focuses solely on those who are most likely to become customers.

You can create voicemails, emails, and texts in advance and schedule them to be sent to new leads at predetermined intervals using the software.

It also keeps track of your data over time, allowing you to watch how your response rate and general client performance improve.

It also comes with an Android and iPhone app. You'll never miss an opportunity to speak with potential clients if you do it this way.


Why Should You Use Agent?

Agent Legend sends out text messages, emails, and even voicemails as part of a drip campaign. The majority of database and CRM systems deliver email communication in drips over a set period of time, however they don't address text messaging.

Most real estate agents' businesses have a significant gap in this area. When compared to email, text messages have a 98 percent open rate, while email has a 20 percent open rate on average. According to Campaign Monitor, text message responses take 90 seconds on average, whereas email responses take 90 minutes.

Agent Legend is a simple solution that lets users to import leads from a list and automate the addition of fresh leads. This means you can have the platform start texting a new lead as soon as it is generated.

When dealing with internet lead creation systems like Facebook, Google, Zillow, and others, speed to lead is the most crucial component. In fact, according to Inman, waiting merely 10 minutes to respond to an online lead reduces your chances of conversion by 400%. Agent Legend takes care of everything!


Pricing For Agent Legends

Agent Legend has two pricing options: a Standard and a Premium plan. You can also opt for a yearly or monthly payment schedule.

The Standard plan costs $66 per month on an annual basis and $99 per month on a monthly basis.

This package gives you unlimited drip campaigns, campaign templates, connectivity with Zapier and other CRM software, and email and chat support, as well as the ability to add up to 50 new leads every month.

The Premium package costs $199 per month if purchased annually, or $133 per month if purchased monthly.

The Premium package includes 200 new leads every month, with the option to upgrade if you need more, bulk lead upload, and long-term automated lead followup.


Agent Legend Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Ratings For Agent Legend?

Real estate professionals have given the site excellent feedback. The majority of individuals compliment the company's services and customer assistance for their ease of use and efficacy. The service's initial setup is difficult, and the cost per text message is high when compared to similar services, according to critics.


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