Video Your Way: 5 Ways To Make More Money With Video On Your Own Terms!

Video Your Way: 5 Ways To Make More Money With Video On Your Own Terms!

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Unless this is your first encounter with me, you're probably aware of my opinions about video.

We now live in a video-first marketing world...

Despite this, many agents are still apprehensive of appearing in front of the camera.

Those who use video effectively create relationships with their consumers and, as a result, attract new business.

Those that do not use video, on the other hand, are slipping further and further behind.

Today's blog will show you five alternative ways to "do" video in order to help you overcome your phobias. There are numerous approaches to take, and it's possible that you haven't yet discovered the one that is best for you.

Let's get started!


Option No. 1: Educational Videos

If you didn't believe in your abilities to answer people's real estate queries and guide them to success when buying or selling a house, you wouldn't be in this company.


So cut out the middleman and start preemptively answering those inquiries on video.

One method to establish yourself as the go-to "information broker" in your market is to provide frequent educational video content.

Simply consider some of the most often asked questions, set up a tripod with your camera, press "RECORD," and respond to the camera. Though gazing towards the camera isn't working, try glancing to the side as if you're being interviewed or conversing with a client.

Educational videos can also include a discussion of a current market hot topic... Perhaps you could make a video showing how you assisted a buyer in getting their offer approved in today's ultra-competitive market.

It might also go in a completely opposite direction: perhaps you'd prefer to educate people about the community you serve by speaking with local business owners or conducting interviews with public leaders such as school principals.

You're only limited by your imagination.

So you don't feel like you're "selling yourself" in the videos, approach it from a place of service. Simply switch on the camera, educate and teach the audience, thank them for watching, and provide contact information.

It's that easy! Who's up for it? Please let me know in the comments section below.


Option No. 2 : 'The News' 

I'm going to start with things that I think will be less scary for individuals who are new to video. Following up on the "education" idea, you might do something similar — become your market's "real estate news" source!

Hopefully, you are already aware of and aware of this information.

So, in a weekly show titled "How's the Market in [Your Town Here]?" or something more catchy and smart, share it.

You can discuss how many properties sold, how many came on the market, the average time on market, the average sales price vs. the asking price, any emerging trends, and so on. Share the news, provide some insight into the national real estate market (Keeping Current Matters is an excellent resource for this), add your two cents, and get out!

But here's the deal: Doing this once, twice, or even once a week for a few months won't make you the go-to agent in your market overnight. People will notice and your phone will start to ring if you do it consistently for months or years.

Make the decision and get started!


Option No. 3 : Use Over-The-Top Listing Videos

Notice On this one, I specified "over the top."

Why? Because standard listing videos may please your seller, but they won't get your community talking about you.

Brad McCallum of Calgary, Alberta, and Tim Smith of Newport Beach, California, among many others, are setting the standard for generating "wow" home tour movies today.

Brad's marketing advice may be found on This Week in Marketing.

On the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, hear from Tim and his videographer.

I'm not going to tell you that making great listing videos is simple. But, if no one else in your market is doing it, I'll tell you it's worth the effort (and expense).

For individuals who are shy in front of the camera, this has additional advantage: you don't have to be in the videos. In all of Brad's movies, you'll notice that he conducts the tours himself, whereas Tim's "films" usually involve hired actors. If you're terrified of being photographed, take Tim's advice.


Option No. 4: Instagram & Short-Form Reels

Short-form video is sometimes connected with dances or popular music, but you don't have to be a multi-talented performer to benefit from it.

To reach audiences in a fresh way, combine No. 1 above – instructive content – with short-form trends.

Perhaps you'll love the challenge of writing content that is thematically related to a popular song.

What is my recommendation? Begin by observing others before attempting your own experiments.


Option 5: Yes, I'm Going To Say It... TikTok

I could have easily merged TikTok with No. 4 above, but I chose to do so for one reason: to get you past the stereotype that it's solely for lip-synching schoolkids.

TikTok is a fast-growing app that can be anything you want it to be.

By finding your niche on TikTok, you might just surprise yourself, as some of our coaching members have.

Take, for example, Glennda Baker. She began utilizing the platform to share fast real estate-related stories and quickly grew her following to over half a million people, many of whom contacted her for assistance with their real estate requirements. As a result, rather of making cold calls, she now spends her "prospecting" time following up on comments and direct messages.

So don't ignore anything without first investigating it.


To sum up, if you've been hesitant to embrace video, it's possible that you haven't yet discovered your niche. Choose the technique that most closely resembles "you" and commit to giving it a try. It will take time to feel comfortable performing it, just like everything else. Be patient, and remember that all growth occurs outside of your comfort zone. Also, don't miss out on our forthcoming Sales & Marketing Edge events, where video will be a significant subject.

Which option appeals to you the most? Please let me know in the comments section below. If you've never done video before, I'd like to hear from you.

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