Vendor Paid Advertising: How it works and What’s in it for Real Estate Agents

Vendor Paid Advertising: How it works and What’s in it for Real Estate Agents

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Almost gone are the days when people would try and find a real estate agent in their local area or a neighborhood they aspired to live in and visit the office to get printouts of property listings according to their requirements. Many people would follow real estate listings in the local newspapers. It‘s a lot easier than that now. Prospective home buyers or tenants simply go online and search for options through a variety of sources such as online portals and google searches as well as following their favorite real estate company on social media.


As a real estate agent, finding prospects for your realty business is much easier with vendor paid advertising. Wondering what that is? Well, it’s actually letting the experts do what they do best. Real Estate agents use the help of professional marketers in reaching their prospects in the moments that matter. Vendor paid advertising helps you reach your prospects from a variety of channels, for instance social media, online searches and your website. If you hire RealestateUno to manage social media ads for you, then you can expect to reach prospects anywhere anytime. Also, another benefit of opting for social media is that your prospects are less likely to be distracted by your competitor’s listings because they’re only seeing your ad and being directed to the landing page of your listing unlike on a property listing portal.


Digital marketers will offer you a variety of VPA packages. Each component in a package will direct marketing efforts and budget towards a particular audience or customer persona. Choosing the right vendor paid advertising is of paramount importance because it will ultimately affect which prospects you can reach and choose to forego.


You might have a couple of questions at this point, for instance, how can VPA improve your sales outcomes? Simple, it allows you to appear in front of an audience that is either looking for a property like yours or may be offering it. Then you’re probably thinking how can it be so cost-effective? The answer is well, if you’ve heard of “there is strength in numbers”, you will be able to connect the dots. You reach your target market in large numbers, increasing your chances of influencing consideration and striking a deal if you’re lucky. If you secure one may be two conversions, you’re very likely to generate a high ROI.


Vendor Paid Advertising offers real estate agents a multitude of other benefits as well. For instance, brand awareness and listing lead for a particular property. Brand awareness is an essential asset because the more people know about you, the more likely they are to trust you with their real estate assets. In addition, you can generate solid leads as prospects will leave their contact information in forms if they see a property that is of interest to them. Moreover, it also enhances your understanding of your audience.


To efficiently get the most out of your marketing efforts and shorten your lead cycles consider vendor paid advertising. Hire a professional so you can focus on strategizing and helping your business reach new heights.

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