How to use technology to increase your exposure

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Harnessing new technology can help increase your exposure. Boost your listings and get more sales as a real estate agent. Here are some new technologies we recommend you start using today. Additionally, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and be the agent-of-choice in your market area.

To give yourself the edge over other agents and reach more buyers. Start offering Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) property tours. In addition to this. VR immerses your prospective buyers in properties. Whilst AR lets them walk through as if they are really there. Using these new technologies can help boost your reach and engage more prospective buyers. Whereas, people can easily access these digital property tours from anywhere in the world. VR and AR technology expands your market to both interstate and international buyers.

At Realestateuno we are currently developing an Augmented Reality (AR) platform. That will allow you to add furniture and other items to any floor plan. Register your interest here.

Another way to boost your listings and get more sales is by adding Drone Photography. And Videos to your sales kit. Drones can help raise a property’s profile by illustrating the property from all different angles. Its surrounding area, and the lifestyle that comes with it. Furthermore, this gives you the ability to instantly showcase a property’s size, potential views. Unlike, whether it could be renovated, and where it is in relation to parks, shops, schools and public transport. Communicating these key features and benefits through aerial photography. Also, video is a compelling way to share a property’s story.

Online Live Auctions are the perfect way

Online Live Auctions are the perfect way to interact with more prospective buyers on auction day. Allowing properties to be found and sold from any device, online live auctions are transforming the way properties are sold. Whilst this technology has been around for some time. It is only now that property groups such as Ray White. Savills Cordeau Marshall and Domain are choosing to broadcast their auctions online via service providers like auctionWORKSonline and FinalCall or social media platforms like Facebook Live. Whilst physical auctions are usually attended by up to 200 people. Meanwhile, online live auctions are attracting 300,000+ viewers, many of which are prospective bidders. What’s more, online auctions enable increased engagement from prospectives since most providers allow attendees to comment and share.

This increased engagement helps promote both you as an agent and the property you are selling. As a result, agents utilising this new technology are greatly expanding their auction’s reach. Transforming the way properties are bought and sold. Online live auctions let you access more buyers. Along with, who can bid on and buy properties anywhere and from any device.

Have you checked out Realestateuno’s “Auction Action”. This allows you to post your auction results. Additionally, as they happen showing opening bid, up to 15 bids and final closing bid. Once submitted, we will post on our site and also send you the file to post on social media.


Another cutting-edge way agents can promote themselves and their listings online is through Property Data-Driven Videos. Furhtermore, these videos are created through live property data APIs which input the latest statistics into an educational, promotional video. Leading service provider, HomePrezzo, provides this valuable new service to agents. HomePrezzo includes your chosen suburb’s house and unit median price. Days on market, rental yield, and recent sales in a video. You can then share this video on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, embed it in newsletters, or integrate it on websites and listing portals. This allows you to engage more prospective buyers. Finllay,  attract more sellers, and show you are the go-to agent in your market area.