Uncomfortable Idea To Increase Listings Right Now

Uncomfortable Idea To Increase Listings Right Now

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Do you want to know a market niche you ought to target for new listings but aren't really?
It wasn't a dramatic, Darth Vader "no" at all. Actually, it was my response to the query.
16 percent of all properties in the United States are not owner-occupied.
But a lot of agents never give them a second thought.
It could be time for you to step outside of your comfort zone and pursue these investment owners given the incredibly low inventory and high cost of listings.

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Few Listings Are Available In Your Comfort Zone

There is a severe lack of available properties in several areas today.
You need to change things up, step outside of your comfort zone, and attempt something new because of the inventory shortage.
Are you open to trying?
Or are you going to struggle with no listings and keep saying, "That's not how I do things?"
You should start looking for and embracing that "uncomfortable" feeling because that is where progress takes place.
You should be able to determine which properties in your neighborhood are not owner-occupied by looking in your MLS or with a title rep.
To market to them directly, I would export that information onto a different list in your database if I were you.


Overdeliver, Then Call To Follow Up

Working with investors is one of the best things because there isn't often much emotion involved. The math and their current situation in life are all that matter. Perhaps they're tired of dealing with renters or property management firms. They might wish to enter a different pricing range. They might be prepared to withdraw their money and flee to a remote island.
Until you contact them and speak with them, you will never know.
You must make a good first impression if you want to succeed.
Here is my suggestion: Make a lovely CMA and send it to them by uninvited mail.
A note that says anything like this is appropriate to include:
"While researching homes owned by investors, I discovered there are two different sorts of investors... individuals who own dozens of properties, and people like you who own only a few. And I'm simply intrigued... Has someone spent the time to evaluate your situation, discuss rent with you, and inform you of market trends? In a 15-minute phone call or Zoom session, I'd be delighted to explore this with you.
Make sure you follow up with a phone call a few days after mailing the CMA and your letter. Ask them if they've considered trading up, trading down, or selling the property entirely when you get them on the phone.
Before the call, be careful to have an "investor" mindset. Think about what a person who owns these units is thinking.


That's All... Can You Do It?

Beyond what we've covered here, not much more is there.
Either you'll try it or you won't. You are in charge.
What do you think, then?
Are you prepared to step a little out of your comfort zone, identify the prospects in your industry, and take action?
Will you maintain the present situation and whine that no one wants to sell?

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