Tricks to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Tricks to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Having a small bathroom may appear challenging, and you might think that turning it into a functional. But aesthetically appealing space is next to impossible. Luckily, you would be wrong, since there are a few ingenious design tricks that will prove just the opposite. Even if you don’t have much space at your disposal. You can still turn it into a beautiful, relaxing space you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s take a look at a few ideas that can transform your tiny bathroom into a cozy space that looks great.

Let in more natural light

If you have any windows in your bathroom, use them to their full potential. Very often, bathroom windows are painted over, dirty or hidden behind curtains. Clean them thoroughly, replace heavy curtains with blinds you can easily open and let the sunshine in. You’ll be amazed at how much difference this easy and inexpensive endeavor can make. You can even opt for replacing clear glass windows with frosted privacy glass. So you get both enough light and enough privacy.

Hang a large mirror

Not only do mirrors create an illusion of having more space. But they also reflect more light back into the room. You probably already have a mirror, but consider getting a much larger one. Big mirrors, such as those that are 5 feet long and 3 feet high can be installed very easily. All you would need is a cordless drill. Choose a frameless mirror so you can get a feeling of more space. And look for a tarnish-resistant coating to protect it from high-moisture conditions. Don’t forget that you’ll still need adequate lighting especially above the mirror. So go for a strong, practical slimline light that will complement your vanity area.

Use the same colors as much as possible

The combination of different colors and patterns can make a bathroom look cluttered. But keeping to the same, preferably light color will definitely open up space. It is advised to place your tiles all the way up to the ceiling and paint the ceiling the same color. Fortunately, white never goes out of style so you don’t have to ponder over the colors nor the color combinations at all.

Use similar materials

Different materials look chaotic and your bathroom cramped. Tone down the visual noise by replacing some materials in order to get a more harmonious combination. The key to success here is to create a cleaner, more expensive look. For instance, using the same flooring in the shower as in the rest of the space will do the trick. Remodels like these might be a bit pricy, but keep in mind these are long-term changes that result in a whole new look as well as add to the value of your home.

Consider clear glass frameless shower enclosure

As the largest item in the bathroom, the shower or the bathtub/shower combination is a robust structure made to look even bigger by its enclosure. While removing the enclosure is not an option, making it transparent is the next best thing. These frameless enclosures are made of thick, tempered glass which is held together at the corners. No frames make it look practically invisible which ads to your bathroom looking much larger.

Don’t overdo it with the decorations

Accessories like small rigs or artwork are fun additions, but if you exaggerate, you will create serious clutter. Remove all items without functional value, open up the shelves and hang practical things from the walls. Decluttering is completely free and it will make your bathroom look much more spacious. Still, it’s not like decoration is out of the question, but try to do it with a few elegant items like a couple of scented candles you can use when you want to relax or decorative soap dispensers. You can even go shopping for new fun towels that can add to the overall appeal.

Small bathrooms can definitely be turned into more roomy areas. All you need is a practical, strategic approach and some time for the project. Once you’re finished and able to see the huge difference between “before” and “after” you’ll realize that your bathroom was never as small as you originally thought. All it needed was a facelift, a change of color, fewer items and a bit more light.