Top 5 Growth Strategies For 2022

Top 5 Growth Strategies For 2022

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I admire your drive!
I requested individuals to post their 2021 goals on my Instagram Stories over the weekend, after which I gave some feedback.
Just to add, I'm impressed by how ambitious several of your objectives are!
Five broad suggestions became apparent when I stood back and considered what everyone wanted to accomplish and what was required to do so.
So I made the choice to highlight them in today's blog.
All five of these may not be relevant to your 2022 goals, but they should still be taken into account.

Let's start now!


1st Growth Tip For 2022: Concentrate On Your HBUT

Think about my what, Tom?
HBUT, which stands for Highest and Best Use of Your Time, applies to you.
In essence, what do you excel at? Because if you want to accomplish those significant, ground-breaking objectives in 2022, you need to do more of it.
You'll need to expand your staff, assign jobs to others, or outsource work in order to have more time to focus on your HBUT.
If you want to expand, it might be time to bring on a transaction coordinator, a buyers agent, or that first assistant. Or perhaps it's hiring a great operator to manage every aspect of the business's operational side while you concentrate on sales.
In any case, you must concentrate on what YOU do best because without that support, you would be overworked and unable to make a difference.
Who do you need to recruit in order to spend more time working on your strengths?


2nd Growth Tip For 2022: Improve Or Increase Your Lead Sources

I already remarked how amazed I was with how lofty some of your objectives were.
Just one illustration One guy stated that they wanted to increase their sales from $9 million this year to $20 million next year.
The truth is that doubling your business in a year won't happen by doing more of the same or "working harder."
But here's what will work: expanding your lead sources and making the most of those you already have.
This raises a couple of important queries:

  • How well are you currently tracking each lead source?
  • What successful lead sources can you double or triple down on?
  • What lead sources are underperforming and require improvement (or ought to be completely discarded)?
  • What more lead sources can you use to increase your exposure to potential clients and your reach? (And, preferably, in the process, raise your price point.)

Simply put, if you want to significantly boost your productivity in only one year, you will require additional incoming business channels. Respond to those inquiries, develop your optimal marketing mix, and then follow through on your strategy!


3rd Growth Tip For 2022: Simplify Your Objectives

The last thing you want is to be staring up at a massive, year-long goal on January 1 and wondering how you'll ever complete it.
It's excessive,
The secret is to divide up your goals into more manageable tasks.
What must you do each quarter to reach your objective?
How about every month? or monthly?
What about every day, most importantly? Do you know your daily number, or how many conversations you must have each day to close enough deals to accomplish your objectives?
Do you have all of these figures "up and visual" in front of you to ensure that you keep your whole attention on those goals?
Your confidence will increase as you see how attainable your goals actually are when you divide them up into smaller, more manageable chunks and "scoreboard" your objectives and outcomes.


4th Growth Tip For 2022: Have Faith

I'm going to be direct.
Big ambitions are not accomplished by persons who are unsure, reluctant, or insecure.
If you want to make significant progress in 2022, you must enter the year with the assurance that you have a strategy in place to make your objectives utterly attainable.
That also implies:

  • No more constrictive ideas.
  • Stop your harmful habits now.
  • There will be no more depression when things go wrong.
  • Let go of the idea that "That's how we always did things."
  • Eliminate the notion that exponential growth is not possible.

Here is my advice if you have trouble believing in your abilities to attain your goals or having confidence in yourself.
Make two lists: one of your self-doubts and the other of your self-confidence.
You can confront your doubts by naming them.
You may strengthen and expand your beliefs by recognizing them.


5th Growth Suggestion For 2022: Find Accountability

I've been in the business long enough to know that significant achievements rarely occur without a great deal of discipline.
You won't succeed in reaching your objectives if you don't constantly take the necessary steps. Your actions must be in line with your objectives.
Self-discipline is a very rare quality, especially the kind needed to accomplish some of the challenging objectives someone has shared with me.
Therefore, accountability—some external force that holds your feet to the fire and keeps you on track—is where discipline comes from for the majority of successful achievers.
Who will be responsible for holding you accountable in 2022, then?
The responses I received over the weekend have convinced me that missed goals in 2022 won't be the result of a lack of ambition.
Instead, it will be people that have trouble staying on task and don't take the steps required to accomplish their objectives. I am aware of how simple it is to become sidetracked and dragged in a myriad of directions by this business. But you need to go beyond that if you want to succeed in 2022.
Accountability is a must for that.
When you recognize the gap, we're here to help.

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