Tips and Tricks for a More Inviting Living Room

Tips and Tricks for a More Inviting Living Room

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The living room is one of the areas in our homes where we spend most of our time. We entertain our guests there, organise family nights and enjoy precious moments with our loved ones. Therefore, we aim at creating a feeling of comfort in our living rooms in order to give them a more welcoming flair. If you think that you need to cosy up your living room, you should implement these simple design tricks.


Create a Cosy Family Area

Your living room should encourage family togetherness, so you should find a design that will help you achieve such an effect. It’s important that you create an intimate family area where you can gather up and enjoy some quality time together. Organising your furniture in a semi-circle is a great way to create a cosy communication spot, especially if you place your pieces around a fireplace. You should avoid making your TV the focal point of your living room.

Add Some Curves

When decorating and furnishing your living room, you should focus on curved shapes rather than rectangular ones. Curves seem more inviting because their rounded, soft appeal. Aside from arranging your furniture in a circle or semi-circle, you can also pick furniture pieces with curved edges, which will create an ambience of comfort instantly. You can also pick curved lamps or decorative details to balance out the rectangular shapes in your living room.

Embellish it With Greenery

Houseplants will make your living room infinitely more enjoyable and welcoming. Aside from adding a beautiful splash of green, they will also bring a positive natural vibe and a sense of serenity into your space. Furthermore, plants act as natural air purifiers, so they will cleanse your living room from airborne toxins and fill it with fresh air, creating a clean, open and healthy home environment.

Dress Up the Living Room Floor

Introducing stylish area rugs will add another layer of cosiness to your living room. Beautiful rugs will elevate your living room décor and keep your feet warm and comfy. If you go with modern Abode Rugs, you’ll be able to choose from a range of intricate designs that will create a cosy vibe in your living room. For an even better effect, you can layer several rugs and create a rich, inviting look that exudes comfort and style.

Use Warm Colours

Since colours have a great effect on your state of mind, you should pick a palette that will fill your living room with a feeling of warmth and comfort. Warm neutrals are the perfect choice for such a look. In addition, if you layer your neutrals and use them not only for the walls, but also furniture, rugs, drapes and other design elements, you’ll create a deep, textured ambience perfect for a cosy living room.

Welcome Wood

No material is warmer and more inviting than wood, so it will fit perfectly in your cosy living room design. From hardwood floors dressed up with cosy rugs to decorative details and furniture pieces, there are plenty of inspiring ideas to use wood in your living space. You can pair its warm tones with a neutral colour palette or use them to create a warm contrast against a cooler one. You can even vary your wood and pick both dark and pale hues. Either way, it will undoubtedly help you design a stylish, textured, warm and inviting living room with a cosy vibe.

Introduce an Upholstered Ottoman

A chic upholstered ottoman can be used to replace your coffee table and make your space seem more liveable and cosy. If you go with an oversized piece, it will stand out as a lovely focal point while also adding to the comfort of your living room. You should pick one that features a soft material and a conspicuous hue that will stand out, yet still complement your living room colour scheme.

From varying your textures and materials to focusing on cosy, warm and inviting elements, there are plenty of stylish ideas to make your living room welcoming and inspiring.

By Lana Hawkins