Tips for Making Long Distance House Hunting a Success

Tips for Making Long Distance House Hunting a Success

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Making the decision to buy a new home or an investment property for short term rental is a big milestone. And it’s not something that should be rushed. And, if it happens to be long distance house hunting, there’s a reason more to be extra careful and prudent. It sounds like a difficult task, but it’s far from impossible. With thorough research and preparation, a good realtor and realistic expectations. You will be able to find a home that meets both your lifestyle and budget.

Long distance moving is on the rise

People everywhere are on the move in search of better employment opportunities. And better life standard for their family, and it seems Australians do it even more than others. Whereas in most European, Asian and African countries about 5% of population relocate every five years, in Australia, that number is about 15% every year.
Young people and their families from the west of the country are flocking east to Victoria. New South Wales and Queensland, mostly preferring the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Attracted by better job prospects and wider markets. If you see yourself doing the same. Here are several things you need to do if you have to make long distance house hunting first.

Do your own research first

Buying a home isn’t cheap and it doesn’t come without a risk, especially when you house hunting from a distance. So take time to do your research on the area. Check out the maps, read guide books, look into the current listings and keep up with the local news. All the information you gather regarding the housing market, job market, liveability scores, schools, hospitals, crime rate and cost of living. Will be very helpful in making your long distance house hunt easier and less stressful.

Figure out your needs and budget

A crucial step you need to make before the house hunting process is defining your own needs and preferences. The most practical way to do this is by answering several questions: Do I prefer rural or urban environment? What type and style of house I like? Do I want to be closer to cafes and restaurants or away from the city noise? How many rooms and amenities do I want? Is a big yard a must? How many bathrooms do I need? Answers to these questions will get you started in the right direction.
When you do your own research, you’ll also get an insight into average price points in different areas. So you should be able to compare the cost of living there with your current location. Once you get a clear picture of the cost of life in a new city, you’ll be able to decide on your budget and have more realistic expectations of what you can get for your money.

Hire the right movers

Hiring the right removalist company is essential in your relocation process. Not only can they take care of all the heavy loads, but they’ll also tackle the transportation easily. With this burden off your back, you’ll be able to focus on settling in your new place. When you start searching for long distance removal companies, you might check out these expert movers in Melbourne, who offer their professional skills and knowledge in handling any type of furniture and possessions and guarantee their safe delivery.

Find the right realtor

When your house shopping long distance, you shouldn’t do it alone. It’s better to hire an experienced realtor who’s familiar with the city and its housing market, has valuable contacts and good knowledge of marketing strategies, so they would be able to help you make an informed decision. Otherwise, if you attempt to do it all by yourself in a town you don’t know, you might end up making a very expensive mistake.

Visit the area yourself

There’s only so much you can trust when researching a place online. To get a real taste of the new city and its neighbourhood, it’s highly recommendable you go there in person, preferably a few times. This will give you the opportunity to get to know the city personally, the local club and restaurant scene, transportation options and shops. All of this is useful and practical information that can help you make the final decision.
Long distance house hunt is surely a hard and stressful task, but as long as you devise a good plan, do your research and have expert realtors and movers on your team, you’ll be able to find the house of your dreams.

By Mike Johnston