Time To Refine The Plan Using Q1 Metrics For Q2’s Roadmap

Time To Refine The Plan Using Q1 Metrics For Q2’s Roadmap

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Do you recall those objectives you set a few months ago? How do they appear?

Regardless of how well you've done thus far, the fact that you're reading these lines indicates that you're on the right track. Because this isn't a lighthearted piece. You've come because you're dedicated to taking a hard look in the mirror and not being gentle with yourself. The second quarter is the opportunity to learn from our failures and really get going.

If you've been viewing our new episodes, you'll notice that all of those Rockstar agents have one thing in common...

They are held accountable by someone.

That's what Tom Ferry is all about, and that's exactly what we're doing right now. Let us not waste any more time...


Consider The Figures

Get out your 2022 Business Plan (it's not too late to download one if you haven't already) and go through your objectives. Take a look at the number of:

  • Calls were made
  • There were discussions (in and outside of your network)
  • (How many videos?) on social media
  • Appointments made, emails and letters sent, sales volume GCI

Then, with a red pen or something similar, write down exactly what you did in Q1.


Have you been keeping track of things?

Take a look at your phone, calendar, and CRM if you haven't already. Are you a quarter of the way to your objectives?


What Is Effective? What Isn't?

Determine why you're falling behind on any of these objectives. Perhaps there's an issue with your:


  • Marketing Strategy - What is your email open rate? Are you getting traffic from your social media posts? Analyze your data.
  • Have you been getting involved in the community as part of your networking strategy?
  • Are you making the calls to follow up on non-responsive leads? CMAs being sent out? Do you want to personalize your content?
  • What are you doing to establish these relationships? Nurturing Plan for Responsive Leads Are you using social media to keep in touch? Maintaining their market knowledge?
  • Conversion Rate - What percentage of leads do you turn into paying customers? Why are you falling short of your goals?


Return to your Strengths and Weaknesses once you've figured out where the shortages are coming from. Are you utilizing your assets? Are you focusing on improving your deficiencies or delegating/outsourcing those responsibilities?


Make A Daily Plan For The Second Quarter

We must remember the following when constructing this plan:


This entails picking up the phone and making calls on a daily basis. All the clever marketing methods in the world won't help you if this is the source of your deficit.

It's straightforward, but not necessarily simple. Isn't it virtually often how we describe worthwhile activities?

Never underestimate the importance of regular reminders, motivation, and education.

You should always be learning, which is why we created all of these new shows for agents to focus on areas where you could all improve.

If your marketing isn't getting results, watch This Week in Marketing on Mondays.

Are you exhausted from doing everything on your own? Maybe you've been considering forming a team but aren't sure where to begin. You are the target audience for Team Builders.

Luxury Code is all about bringing you into those higher price points if you're completing deals but not making the volume you'd like.

Confidence and Conversion could be the game changer you need if you're having trouble converting leads.

These shows are free, quick, and designed to help you achieve your goals in all of these areas. Make it a habit to do this every morning.

Note: This can also be referred to as "shameless self-promotion" or "leading by example."


Maintaining Focus In Q2

This isn't the time to lose focus if you've already exceeded your 25% goals for 2022. There's still a lot of work to be done, and I'm hoping to see you win this year.

If you're having trouble keeping up, utilize these data as a guide to pinpoint exactly where you should be looking. But don't be afraid to reach out!

We're here to provide you with the resources you need to succeed. Schedule a consultation, give us a call, or join our social media community.

Stay active, hold yourself accountable, and let's take Q2 by storm!

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