Three High Trust Selling Laws

Three High Trust Selling Laws

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No matter if you're purchasing a pack of gum or a house for your family...

You want to purchase it from a reliable source, right?
In the purchasing process, trust is crucial.
In fact, it's the main consideration for customers when choosing a real estate agent.
So, would everyone agree that having trust is a "must-have" attribute for you to succeed in this industry?
Good. Because I invited Todd Duncan, the man who invented high trust selling, to join me on this #TomFerryShow episode.
In addition, I asked him to select the three MOST IMPORTANT Laws of High Trust Selling from his list of 14 in order to share them with you.
To find out what he said, continue reading.


Observing The Bull's-Eye Law

You're likely to conduct business with any prospect if you don't go for the best prospects.
Todd thinks that a lot of salespeople make the mistake of working with difficult, high-maintenance clientele.
You would likely concur if you've ever had that experience, I'm assuming.
We shouldn't waste our time doing business with someone we don't like.
Focusing on the people you wish to work with is the main goal of the Law of the Bull's Eye.

Todd has categorized prospects into four groups:

1. Low revenue/High operating costs
2. High revenue/high costs
3. Low profit/low upkeep
4. High profit/Low upkeep


In most circumstances, the first two are just not worth the effort.
The last two are the kinds of customers you should aim for.
Instead of approaching prospecting with a shotgun strategy, focus on the minimal maintenance prospects who have the most long-term potential. After that, stay by them and follow up constantly, always coming from a place of sincere service.
Todd shared this pearl with us: Most agents are too concerned with promotion and not enough with emotion. Make the correct connections, develop relationships with them, and earn their trust before reiterating it through your performance.


The Rule Of The Balance

Have fewer clients if you want more business.
Have you ever sold a home to a client only to have a For Sale sign bearing the name of another agent appear in the front yard a few years later?
How come they didn't call you?
It aches.
But in all honesty, you are probably to blame.
That doesn't mean you made a mistake during the initial purchase.
It's what you haven't done since then.
According to Todd, increasing value to more of the right clientele will lead to long-term success.
That implies that if you want clients for life, you must communicate with them constantly. NOT only when they are purchasing or promoting.
You're going to acquire more business from them if you consistently follow up with them, develop trust, and cultivate a relationship where they know, love, and trust you.


The Encore Principle

The applause gets louder as the performance gets better.
Do you view the work you do for clients as a performance?
You could benefit if you did.
Because you should strive to deliver work that is so good that every client requests an encore.
That 5-star, top-notch experience is totally up to you to deliver. According to High Trust Selling, "whether we're talking about a rock band or a real estate agent, the fact is behind every spectacular performance is a passionate, driven, and committed person. A person who is bored, complacent, and disinterested is always the cause of poor performance. And in the sales industry, you get to decide who you will be.
Don't be that uninterested salesperson. Approach every meeting as if it were a performance; relish the limelight and be determined to leave the audience begging for an encore.

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