Three Effective Ways To Update Your Conversations For A Changing Market

Three Effective Ways To Update Your Conversations For A Changing Market

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What do you love about me?
I adore the fact that you are probably more committed to your business than 95% of the agents out there just by reading this.
You are aware that it's critical to consistently look for ways to develop your talents and keep up with the industry.
These talents are more crucial now than they have been in the previous ten years.
Your sales and negotiating abilities become crucial in a shifting market.
I'm sharing that with you today.

There are three approaches to updating your scripts and skills to reflect the "New Market" circumstances of today.
Because "Old Market" products are no longer sufficient... I assume you comprehend that. If you're still employing those outdated scripts, there's a considerable risk that you're putting your sellers under unnecessary pressure and dooming yourself to failure.
Let's fix it right away.


Compare And Contrast The "Old Market" To The "New Market"

A seller may choose you over a rival, and/or you may price their home right or incorrectly, depending on how you position yourself and the market.
As a result, your method matters.
Presenting information by placing it in the appropriate context is essential right now. Don't limit your presentation to what is occurring right now. Inform them on the market's recent history and its development. Show them the information There are more houses for sale, fewer closings, and price revisions as necessary.
Then, and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, refer to the current situation as the "New Market" and the previous situation as the "Old Market."
They will be able to distinguish between what is happening now and what was happening six or a year ago because of this clear distinction. that our current situation is a "New Market."
Last but not least, always keep in mind that if the property isn't appealing, it won't sell.
Price is one of the most crucial elements in producing a "compelling" piece of real estate.


How To Overcome Objections With Pricing Analogies

There will always be homeowners who say things like, "I recognize the market has changed but I want X price," regardless of how well you position yourself or the state of the market.
Any resemblance?
Josh Rubin, one of my one-on-one coaching customers, shared the following excellent advice:
It's all about proving that the market, and nothing else, will decide the price of their house.
He starts by inquiring about their stock ownership and stock market knowledge.
If they respond positively, he asks if they may phone their stock broker and request to sell all of their Netflix stock for $500 per share today if Netflix is trading at $270 per share.
The answer is no. Because in today's market, it isn't worth that.
Similar homes to yours are going for X amount.
Afterward, it is inevitable that you will hear, "Another agent stated they can get me considerably more."

apply this script
Even if I lined up a thousand agents outside your house, we would all arrive within one or two percent of one another since we were all analyzing the same data. Therefore, if someone is promising you far more, you need to consider their motivations. Do they simply wish to use your listing to attract a large number of buyer clients? Why are they doing this?
This sows the seeds of doubt in the seller's mind and helps them realize that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Be Clear To Show "Old" Vs. "New"

Another of my one-on-one coaching customers gave me the following advice: Just say it.
Selling in Laguna Beach, California, Shauna Covington claims to be frank in explaining to sellers the differences between the current market and the recent history.
I may provide a huge price buffer in the Old Market. Despite the fact that there was nothing available for purchase, people would still make offers, and we would close deals. However, we must now be extremely precise in this New Market. It must be priced at X in order to remain competitive in today's market.
Another effective "scare tactic" script to get houses priced fairly is as follows:
Do you intend to suffocate in a sea of stock? Alternatively, do you want to set the price so that it sells in the upcoming 30, 60, or 90 days? It should be priced a little lower than similarly situated properties currently on the market, in my opinion. What activities interest you?


One More Thing: Don't Miss This Crucial Step

Throwing a fresh screenplay, dialogue, or presentation into action without first practicing it is a cardinal mistake.
Always keep in mind that we are only as excellent as the time we invest in improving. We compete at the level that we train at, and we get compensated accordingly.
Work hard, locate a role-playing companion, or sign up for illm to access on-demand. Before using these scripts and missing opportunities, use video role-plays to make sure you understand them.
Increase your practice if earning money in 2022 is vital to you.

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