The Ultimate Guide To Instagram For Real Estate Agents (2022)

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram For Real Estate Agents (2022)

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Have you been following the recent Instagram craze? Why are firms making such large investments? Do you want to know how you can use Instagram to reach out to more people and produce real estate leads? Grab a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and learn EVERYTHING real estate professionals need to know about Instagram in 2018!


What Are The Benefits Of Using Instagram?

Here are six reasons why Instagram is so popular right now for all types of industries, including real estate.


  1. Increasing The Number Of (Loyal) Leads

People prefer to do business with people whose personalities they can relate to. Potential clients can get an instant feel of your style and who you are as a real estate agent thanks to Instagram's format. This is considerably faster than other social media networks at generating loyalty.

  1. Social Validation

Social proof across many spectrums is becoming increasingly crucial as social media and the internet play a larger part in people's purchasing decisions. Things like reviews, having a large number of followers, being ranked on the first page of Google, and so on are examples of social proof. The more places your customers can look you up and see that you've had success, the easier it will be for you to close a deal.

3.High Involvement

Instagram has a 15-fold higher engagement rate than Facebook and a 20-fold higher engagement rate than Twitter. Facebook and Twitter limit the reach of business posts in order to entice advertisers to pay for ads. Instagram is similar, but to a lesser level, so your posts will appear in the feeds of many more potential clients without having to pay for ads.

  1. It's Simple To Gain Attraction

It becomes easier to gain more real estate Instagram followers as you earn more. I recall obtaining my first 1000 Instagram followers. It took about a year (albeit I wasn't very consistent or organized). My next 1000 took around three months to complete, then one month. I'm currently gaining about 100 new followers per day.

  1. It's Enjoyable

Instagram is entertaining, and it feels nice to generate material that a significant number of people enjoy and share. We come across interesting things on a daily basis as real estate agents. Am I correct?

  1. Money-Making Potential

Although I'm not there yet, I've connected with a number of top Instagram influencers who report that businesses seek out to them on a weekly basis. They provide you items to try out and keep. They also pay influencers for endorsements and advertisements. This is why, as part of your entire Instagram strategy, Instagram ads for real estate brokers can still be beneficial.


Guidelines for Best Practices

So, before you start taking your real estate Instagram game to new heights, let's go over some best practices.


Personal Profile Vs. Business Profile

First and foremost, make a business profile. This gives you the option of including a link in your bio. Engagement and social proof are wonderful, but don't forget to include a Call-To-Action that directs potential customers to your desired destination. This might be a link to a lead generation landing page or your real estate search website.


Theme For Profile Feeds

When you start publishing photographs and videos to your website, it's crucial that you choose a theme. The following are a few common themes that look excellent on Instagram:

  • Filter and tint are the same.
  • Border: White
  • Border in black
  • Theme with Coordinated Colors

Having a theme, regardless of your style, is vital since it demonstrates that you are structured and provides people a sense of what they can anticipate if they follow you.


Posting Schedule That Is Consistent

It's also critical to stick to a regular posting schedule. I recommend posting 1-3 times per day. That may sound like a lot, but if you plan your material a week ahead of time and schedule your updates, it gets a lot easier. Facebook Creator Studio is a free tool that makes automated posting simple.



Finally, do some study on hashtags and utilize them wisely. The vast majority of real estate agents, including myself, focus on the local market. Find out which hashtags are popular in your area and make a list of them so you can use them in your posts.

However, don't only pick the ones with the most comments. In the beginning, you'll almost certainly never acquire enough likes on your content to reach the top posts for hashtags with a large number of posts.

As a general guideline, I try to stick to hashtags with postings equivalent to 100 times the number of followers I have. I'll pull a couple with fewer posts and a few with more, but if you target hashtags with fewer posts, you'll stay at the top for longer and receive more views from non-followers.

The maximum number of hashtags you can use in a single post on Instagram is 30. This contains both the post's description and the comments. I advocate using no more than 1-3 hashtags in the original post and up to 30 hashtags in the first comment.

For most circumstances, I build a custom keyboard shortcut with roughly 35 relevant hashtags to speed up hashtag typing. Then I simply delete a couple that aren't as important for that particular post in order to keep under the limit.



Having a strong bio is critical for acquiring a large number of real estate Instagram followers. This will be the deciding factor in whether or not someone will follow you. If you've gotten this far with your material, you've certainly done something right. Make sure your bio doesn't let you down.

If your profile doesn't show your complete name, make sure to put it in your bio. To lighten things up, use emoticons and a hashtag or two. Make it easy for others to see what you do and who you are at a glance by using line breaks. Finally, entice someone to visit your link in your bio or interact with you further by providing something of value.



There is a substantial benefit to obtaining 10,000 followers, aside from simply increasing your reach. Influencers with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram can add links to their Instagram Stories. This is what I'm talking about when you see a story that says "swipe up for details" or something like. For content creators with a blog, such as real estate brokers, this is a major benefit. Imagine being able to publish a photo of a new property on Instagram stories and having it direct them to your listing with all the details by saying "swipe up for details." Instagram users with fewer than 10,000 followers can only send their followers to their bio link.


How To Get More People To Follow You

First and first, if you haven't read my $1.80 strategy post, do it now since it goes into great length regarding the concept of what to do with Facebook. The concept is the same, but the platform is not.

The primary principle behind the technique I employ to earn over 100 followers per day is to communicate with your ideal consumer and know that a percentage of them will respond. I deliberately look for a hashtag that I am aware is popular in my area. Let's look at #satx (a local hashtag that I know most people who use it are from San Antonio, TX). This hashtag has over 900k posts, which means that new posts are being added every minute. For this method, you can use a variety of hashtags.

I'll go to one of the top posts, like it, and then follow the individual. I'll occasionally leave a comment or, even less frequently, send a direct message. I'll keep scrolling down, liking, and commenting on roughly 50 new people's posts for another 20 minutes. I repeat this process 8-10 times per day until I've liked and commented on 400-500 posts.



If it appears that this will take a long time, it will. To perform this successfully, you'll need about 2-3 hours every day. There is, however, another option. On a site like, you may hire a virtual assistant to do the work for you. Many contractors are eager to conduct data entry or virtual assistant work for roughly $4/hour on the site.

If you want to outsource this labor, expect to pay roughly $15 per day. You'll also need to feel safe providing information about your personal Instagram account to a worker in another country. This is the most effective method for gaining REAL real estate Instagram followers on a regular basis.


Information Supplementary

There are two further points to consider. Keep your daily likes and followers around 500. If you go over this limit, Instagram may believe you're spamming the system and block or ban your account.

In addition, you can only follow 7500 accounts at a time on Instagram. This implies that you'll have to unfollow accounts that have chosen not to follow or engage with you back (this is around 80 percent of the accounts you follow). You can download apps that allow you to track people you've followed but who haven't followed you back. For Instagram, I use Followers Track!


Instagram Stories Are A Type Of Social Media Platform That

Consider Instagram Stories to be a location where you may share your daily adventures. Use it for behind-the-scenes looks and secret peeks. This differs from your primary feed in that you will only include the finest of the best in your main feed.

It's as if your main feed is a curated and themed portfolio of your work, as we mentioned earlier. Your stories feed can be more "fun" or themed rather than "beautiful."

Because your stories feed expires after a day, you don't have to be concerned about how your tales will appear in the future. You'll need to devote more effort and work into developing exceptional primary feed posts if you want to keep them up for the long haul!


What You Should Not Do

We've spoken about how to get more real estate Instagram followers up to this point. Let's take a look at some of the things you shouldn't do.


  1. Paying For Followers Isn't Necessary

There are numerous businesses that will offer you followers. Hundreds of thousands, if not tens of thousands, if not tens of thousands. Don't purchase them! It may appear to be the simple solution at first, but these are false accounts, and none of them will respond to your posts. Because it appears that no one likes your posts, Instagram will punish your account, limiting the real accounts to which your future posts are shown.

  1. Randomly Follow/Unfollow

Make a list of who your target audience is and then go after them. Similar to the point made above, if you follow random accounts that have nothing to do with your content, even if they follow you back, they are unlikely to participate with your posts, lowering your engagement.

  1. Don't Create A Private Profile

People must see your postings before deciding whether or not to follow you. People can't view your posts unless you authorize their follow request if you have a private profile. Your follower rate will plummet as a result of this

  1. Do Not Ignore Unanswered Comments

The more likes and comments you receive, the higher your engagement will be, and Instagram will show your future posts to more people. Respond to comments if you receive them to increase interaction. Plus, followers will be more likely to leave a comment if they see you responding to all of their comments.

  1. Don't Use Hashtags Inadvertently

Don't use hashtags that aren't relevant in your posts. You're better off using more smaller hashtags that are relevant to your topic than using larger hashtags that are irrelevant to your content just to acquire more visibility. In fact, it's the polar opposite.

  1. Don't Post At Inconvenient Hours

The rate at which your post obtains likes is directly proportional to the amount of exposure it receives. The number of people who see your post in the first few hours after you publish it is determined by how many people Instagram chooses to show it to. Your post will be seen by more people if you earn a lot of likes and comments soon. Each day of the week, 2 p.m. is the greatest time to post on Instagram.

  1. Don't Post Images That Aren't Scaled Properly

Photos should be adjusted to a 4:5 vertical format for your primary real estate Instagram feed. Instagram Stories should be cropped to a vertical ratio of 9:16. When someone scrolls through their page, your photos will take up the most screen real estate, making your posts stand out even more. Particularly considering the vast majority of people still use 1:1 square photos.

  1. Avoid Being Overly Self-Promotional

This applies to both your own postings and the ones you're commenting on. Don't start talking about your services immediately away in a comment. Also, don't use every post to sell your real estate business. People will not engage with you if you sound or appear to be a salesperson.



Finally, Instagram is a social media platform where people go to SEE value. Creating unique content is responsible for a large portion of your exposure and engagement. With Instagram, a little extra work goes a long way. Whether it's upgrading your camera and using the greatest lens for real estate photography, or investing in better photo editing software for your phone, the extra detail is what makes your postings stand out.

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