The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Real Estate Listing Marketing Plan (2022)

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Real Estate Listing Marketing Plan (2022)

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We'll talk about my 20-step real estate listing marketing strategy today. These are the measures I take on almost every one of my listings in order to maximize visibility and sell houses quickly!


These actions are important to me for three reasons:

  1. To sell my listings more quickly and for a higher price than other agents.
  2. To produce buyer and seller leads who come across my marketing efforts but haven't yet established a relationship with a real estate agent.
  3. To show my sellers that I'm doing everything I can to promote their home and to negotiate a price reduction if it hasn't sold.


My Real Estate Listing Marketing Plan in 20 Steps


  1. MLS Information

Everything starts with a fantastic MLS description. Because I'll be copying and pasting this description into other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, it's better to concentrate on this section and make it as good as possible. Avoid listing too many obvious advantages and instead emphasize something that most people are unaware of, such as if it has an amazing rating or a cheap tax rate compared to nearby communities. Mention items that have recently been replaced or renovated. Because you only have so many characters to work with, go for the minimalist approach. Try to come up with as many non-obvious things as possible while avoiding the fluff.


  1. HDR Listing Photos (Professional)

Even though it's almost 2020, I still notice some really bad listing photographs. Hire a professional unless you're a professional photographer with the necessary equipment (DSLR, wide-angle lens, tripod) and knowledge on how to stitch bracketed photographs together to make HDR images. Virtuance is a low-cost solution that is available in a variety of markets for roughly $129 per shoot. They take HDR photographs of excellent quality. These images will not only help you sell your listings MUCH faster, but they will also make you look like a PRO that other clients will want to work with.


  1. Establish A Facebook Business Page (Photos Post)

Make certain you begin here. Create a high-quality article that includes your listing's photographs. Include a call-to-action (CTA) link in the post to encourage readers to click through for further information. Use a link shortener like to direct visitors to your lead generation magnet. If you are a Premier Agent and set up to receive leads from listings that come across your website, this link could go to an IDX website that has the listing, a blog post that you create specifically for that listing on your website, or at the very least, have it go to Zillow or if you are a Premier Agent and set up to receive leads from listings that come across your website.


  1. Post to Facebook Groups And Your Personal Page

Once you've created your Facebook business page post, share it with your personal Facebook page as well as any Facebook groups you're a member of. Also, invite your friends and fellow agents to share your message as soon as possible. The more engagement you generate on your post, the more people will see it naturally on Facebook.


  1. Advertisement Reach

Use Facebook's Ad Manager or boost the post you just made on Facebook. I use the "Reach" objective to get my listing in front of the most people for the least amount of money. For each of my listings, I usually spend roughly $5 every day. My target audience is often in the age range that can most likely afford the home and lives within a 15-mile radius of the property. Finally, for the Facebook feed, I merely check the box for placement.



On Instagram, make sure to use as many hashtags as possible. For each post, you can use up to 30 hashtags. I frequently use hashtags like #sanantoniorealestate, #sanantoniorealtor, #homesforsaleinsanantonio, and others to find potential buyers. I like to use to search hashtags that are relevant to my Instagram audience.


  1. Email To A List

For all of my email list needs, I utilize Aweber. I can create distinct lists for agents, clients, and leads using Aweber. I can even use tags to further organize the lists within the various lists. When an agent joins my mailing list, for example, they can opt to get real estate sales training, eXp Realty information, or agent attraction training. They are tagged based on their selections so that I may provide relevant information to the appropriate group of people. This is useful when mailing listings to your mailing lists.



Begin compiling a list of agents to whom you can promote your services. Agents you've cross-sold a deal with, agents inside your brokerage, and agents you meet at training and networking events are all on this list. I do not encourage purchasing or obtaining any realtor email list. This method will almost certainly result in your account being tagged as spam, making subsequent emails less effective.



Always send out listings to previous and present clients. They are the ones who are aware of your efforts. You should demonstrate your business performance by showing them how many listings you take and sell. Your clients are unlikely to find a buyer for that home, but because they see you working hard to find purchasers for your properties, they will undoubtedly refer you to friends and family when the time comes.



If you've been generating leads for any length of time, you already know how quickly this list can grow. Even if they aren't specifically looking for your new listing, send it to them and ask if they know someone who is.


  1. Write A Blog Post (Photos)

For your new listing, write a blog article. If you execute it correctly, you'll get some organic SEO benefits, as the lifetime of the post is one of Google's ranking considerations. Because you may write the blog article before the home is fully listed on the MLS, Zillow, and other sites, you can expect to be ranked first when someone searches for that precise address. Photos, video, a description, and a call-to-action to fill out a form for more information are usually included.

When I sell a property, I add "SOLD" to the post title so it will appear on my "SOLD" listings page, demonstrating your track record and instilling trust in potential clients.


  1. Open House Event

Because there are so many things you can do to advertise an open house and get more people to see your listing, I call it an event. For starters, once you post on Zillow or that you will be conducting an open house, your property receives an immediate spike in traffic. Because open house information does not always syndicate over, I recommend manually adding the open house to these two gateway sites in addition to your MLS. You can also publish a "Event" on Facebook to let folks in the region know that the house is open during the open house hours.


  1. Knock On Doors And Distribute Flyers

Make sure to market your open house to not only the people who come through the door, but also the people who live in the surrounding region. Cold door knocking can be scary, but when you have a cause to knock, such as asking neighbors to an open house, it helps to break the ice. Set a goal of knocking on 200 doors. You should be able to invite 40-50 people from your neighborhood. Bring a flier to hand out just if they answer the door. Make a short "By the way, when do you folks plan to move?" comment just before you leave.


11. Professional Video

A professionally created real estate video may instantly boost the marketability of your listing and your agent visibility. For a 2-3 minute listing video, prices can range from roughly $250 on the low end to over $500 on average.

The nicest aspect of having a video is that it allows you to sell your property from a variety of perspectives. Make a video for Facebook View advertisements, post to IGTV, and include in your blog. Here's a current video of one of my listings.

If hiring a professional video isn't an option, check out my piece on the finest real estate video equipment to discover how to make your own.


12. YouTube

When it comes to branding yourself, creating a collection of current and previous listings on your YouTube channel can help a lot. This strategy isn't so much for marketing the listing because YouTube videos don't receive a lot of views right immediately, but over time, these videos will be searched and watched, resulting in a lot of interest in working with you as an agent.


13.Blog Post

Why not log all of your media onto your website with a simple blog post if you already have it? Creating a blog post using the video, photographs, and description you've already generated, similar to YouTube above, is a terrific method to ensure your marketing efforts remain evergreen and last into the future. Even after the house has sold, individuals may still see your articles naturally and may reach out to you in their time of need.


  1. Establish A Facebook Business Page (Video Post)

It's just as crucial to post your professionally produced video to your Facebook company page as it is to post images. Your Video View ad will be run through your Facebook business page post, as discussed below.


  1. Advertisement For Video Viewing

Video view advertising are among the most engaging ads available. You'll not only get your listing in front of thousands of targeted people, but you'll also get more engagement, thanks to the reach ads mentioned before. This involvement will result in more likes, comments, and shares, increasing the chances of the right buyer seeing it and potentially being your next client.


  1. Instagram (IGTV)

Instagram TV, or IGTV for short, is a terrific way to promote your listings. The NOW is the focus of this platform. In terms of longevity, I'd say it's more comparable to Facebook. It's ideal for attracting immediate attention to your listing. However, it does accumulate a library of previous entries over time, which might aid in the promotion of your business.


  1. Google AdWords

On Google, I usually place an ad for my listings zip code. If my listing is in the 78258 zip code, for example, I'll use the keyword "Homes for Sale 78258." Use a title like "Just Listed Home for Sale in 78258" and direct folks to your IDX site to learn more about your new property. Most IDX feeds, such as kvCORE, which I use, will display similar properties that match the zip code, ensuring that your offer of homes for sale in that zip code is conveyed. Because they are actively searching for these terms rather than simply skimming through their Facebook news feed, these will be the most ready-to-buy leads.


  1. Zillow

Make sure you've signed up for a Zillow account and claimed your listing. After you've done this, Zillow will let you alter some of the information it gets from the MLS. Photos are among the items. In most cases, your MLS will only enable you to upload 25 photographs. You'll be able to upload a lot more with Zillow. Also, even if you've uploaded high-resolution photographs to the MLS, those photos will be lower-resolution on Zillow when they syndicate across from the MLS. After you've claimed your listing on Zillow, you can change the listing and replace the photographs with high-resolution files from your PC.


Video of a Zillow Listing

When I visit Zillow, I notice that just about 5% of the homes have video uploaded to their listings. Add a video, according to Zillow, to increase traffic to your property. On their websites, Zillow prefers listings with video. This is one approach to get your listing appear at the top of the list when people search on Zillow if you're in a highly competitive location with a lot of listings.



You can either pay for Zillow's premier agent platform to upload your professionally edited video or download their premier agent app to add a video to your listing. You may log in and find your listing after downloading the app, then follow the steps to upload the video right there on the spot. The software will help you through the process, which just takes a few minutes.

A few pointers to consider before filming a real estate video:

  • Turn on all the lights and open the blinds and drapes.
  • Make sure there are no people or animals in the house.
  • Start with the front exterior, work your way inside, and finish with the backyard in small 2-3 second frames.
  • Because Zillow only allows two minutes of video, don't make your films too long or too many. You'll notice that two minutes flies by.
  • Connect to your home's wifi and upload your video as quickly as possible so you don't lose it.



Change the resolution of your photos to high-resolution

Make sure you're claiming your listing on and switching your photos for the high-resolution images you initially provided to the MLS, just like Zillow.


  1. Direct Mail To Every Door (EDDM)

Mailing Postcards

The United States Postal Service's Every Door Direct Mail is the most cost-effective and efficient means of delivering mail to the neighborhood and adjacent areas. You can target mail routes around your ad for as little as $.18 per piece of mail plus the cost of printing.



As you can see, a solid real estate listing marketing strategy benefits both you and your client. It's critical that you not only devise a strategy, but also carry it out consistently for each listing. It'll only be a matter of time before clients start pouring out of the woodwork to beg for your help once you've mastered consistency.

Listings are the name of the game for any seasoned agent. The more successfully you market your listings, the more they will come your way. I've always believed that the more listing-focused my business has been, the more time freedom I've gained in both my personal and professional life. Now get out there and get those listings some attention!

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