The Top Ways for Real Estate Agents to Generate Leads

The Top Ways for Real Estate Agents to Generate Leads

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You’re probably reading this because you would like to expand your property business. There are lots of ways to generate leads in this industry, read on to find out what you’re doing right and what you can improve in your real estate marketing efforts.

Spread the Word through Friends and family

Sometimes it’s hard to ask people for help but if you’re going to really generate leads for your real estate business, then you’re going to have to put yourself out there. You can’t afford to be shy about letting people know that you’re happy to help them find the perfect house. The reason is that with the people you know, it’s easier to leverage your credibility as compared to perfect strangers. So nothing beats the power of the word- of- mouth.

Real Estate Websites and listings

You can invest in your own website, or you can opt for real estate listing platforms. One of the pros of advertising on real estate listing websites is that these platforms already have traction. They get thousands of visitors every day. You don’t need to make much effort or investment for advertising. However, the downside is that they charge fees of varying magnitudes. Also, on real estate websites you and a lot of other agents are competing for attention from the same audience in a limited space. There is a chance that your listing is scrolled away without even getting a view. In addition, these listings don’t offer a lot of design flexibility.

However, with your own website, you have more control over design flexibility and no competition from other agents. When people visit your website, they are very likely to at least view your listing in detail and not get distracted by others. Plus, with the design flexibility of your own website, you can really focus on properly presenting your offering. However, the downside is that you need to first build the website and then hire a professional for digital marketing, which isn’t a downside because you will have a professional looking over your marketing efforts, so you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out how online tools work.

Online Newspapers

Over the years many newspapers have adapted to the changing times and have gone digital. Many of these newspapers still have an online classifieds section for real estate. You can enlist your properties there for a small fee.

Software and Email Marketing

There are different techniques used for email marketing in the real estate sector. You can simply send emails to people who have hired your service in the past or you can use some great software available online for lead generation.

Search and Display Marketing

These two techniques require some digital marketing savviness. You can run paid search and display ads on Google. These ads put your listing front and center of people who are really looking for what you’re offering. For instance, if you run a paid campaign for a one bedroom apartment in Sydney, you’ll be able to target people searching for a house that fits this description. Your ad will appear at the top on the first page of Google and hopefully they’ll click and see your property listing landing page. If they like what they see, then they are very likely to book an in-person viewing appointment.

Bonus Tip

There are many businesses offering lead generation services for real estate agents online. But before you hire one of these, make sure you read reviews of agents working in your area of interest. If these are unavailable, then a referral is your best bet. Secondly, be active on all social media platforms, especially the ones where your audience is most likely to be. Try and interact as much as you possibly can with live sessions and giveaways etc. Hopefully at least one of these tips should benefit you in lead generation and conversion.

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