The Most Effective Way To Get Real Estate Leads From Facebook

The Most Effective Way To Get Real Estate Leads From Facebook

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Have you heard about how some of the most successful real estate brokers are producing hundreds, if not thousands, of Facebook real estate leads? Wouldn't it be great if you could get more leads for free by using Facebook? Without the need to pay for advertisements?

That is exactly what we are discussing today! It's known as the $1.80 method, and it's the most effective way to get Facebook real estate leads.


Why Should You Use Facebook For Real Estate Leads?

Facebook is the world's most popular social networking platform. Every month, it has over two billion active users. If you ask five persons over the age of 18 in the United States if they have a Facebook account, four of them will respond yes in 2018. We also know that one out of every ten adults will purchase or sell a property in any given year. This means that there are a plethora of options just waiting for you on Facebook. The question now is how to make the most of it.

The advantage of using Facebook to generate real estate leads is that you can reach out to potential clients before they visit portal sites like Zillow, Google, or Redfin. In early 2017, we ceased paying for Zillow and leads. We did this because an increasing number of portal site leads were already assigned to an agent. This is when I made the decision to only pursue folks before they reached this point.

Finally, the best part about using the $1.80 technique for Facebook is that you're creating a digital asset library. When implemented correctly, this method will create more leads over time and make converting new ones a breeze.



The $1.80 Methodology

Let me now discuss the $1.80 plan. Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media master and someone I admire for offering incredible amounts of value to his target audience, initially told me about this method. Gary has built a material collection that is used by business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers on a daily basis. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is one of his best-selling novels, and its message matches with the method I'm about to show you. I strongly advise you to follow Gary if you haven't already. Just be aware that he can be quite explicit at times.

My $1.80 technique differs from Gary's in that I've adapted it to the real estate professional, but the premise remains the same. It goes somewhat like this: You will deliver a hypothetical $1.80 in value to your target audience, local real estate buyers and sellers, EVERY DAY (and this is critical). You'll get $1 for creating or curating useful content that your audience will like. The remaining $.80 comes from your "two cents" (pun intended) on 40x postings. This gives you $1.80 for the value you supplied that day. If you do this seven days a week, you will be surrounded by eager, willing, and able purchasers within a month, or those who want to refer you to their friends who are.


Make Your Own $1 Posts

The following is a common mistake that most agents make when using social media. Yes, we're all guilty of it, including me. We fall into the habit of hopping on social media, looking through the feed, giving a few likes, and possibly posting a photo of that great steak omelet we had for breakfast. (Yes, I'm hungry and it's breakfast as I write this.) This is the mindset of a Facebook user. To produce Facebook real estate leads utilizing quality, well-thought-out content, we need to treat Facebook as the fantastic lead generation company that it is.

When I say "produce valuable material for your audience," I don't mean "sign up for a service that automatically posts to Facebook." These services provide content for homebuyers and sellers, but they are neither localized nor unique. I used to do this, and the engagement rates were abysmal. Furthermore, because the content you receive is not ORIGINAL, these services have little long-term value.

You get $1 for a well-thought-out post that is relevant to your local market and establishes YOU as an authority.


$1 Posting Examples

  • As a realtor, creating a piece that answers a frequently requested issue.
  • Performing a CMA in your region for prominent neighborhoods or zip codes
  • People frequently require reviews on restaurants or service providers. Painting, landscaping, cleaning, flooring, and so on...
  • You are not always required to create material. You should occasionally select articles that discuss topics that your audience will find useful and write 300 words about them. The first 300 words are crucial. This is because that is the very minimum for a blog article to be considered SEO (search engine optimization). I'll explain why this is significant later.



Participate In Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is one of the most underutilized Facebook features. Facebook groups are a fantastic approach to get real estate leads on Facebook.

Once you've created a $1 post, you'll want to share it with EVERY Facebook group that your target audience is a member of and that the article is relevant to (I'll show you how to join Facebook groups). To share a post with a group, first publish it to your wall, then go to the bottom right and click "Share." You'll see a drop-down menu and choose "Share..." from it. With your post, a pop-up will appear. Change "Share on Your Timeline" to "Share in a Group" at the top of the page. These steps must be repeated for each group you intend to share with. (*Pro-tip: Create a word doc or a note with the groups you share content with on a regular basis so you can quickly reference it and share it with all of them.)

I recommend that you join one to three Facebook groups that you are interested in. It doesn't have to be about real estate in any way. Cars, photography, and social events are some of my favorite pastimes (eating out, going to local events, etc..). As a result, I've joined groups that deal with these topics. My posts are not considered spam because they come from a place of value. They've been well received in the towns where I live. I recommend joining groups with over 5000 members to ensure that there are ongoing conversations and activities. Also, make sure they're in your area (for example, "San Antonio Drones" or "Community Events in San Antonio").


Make Your Own Real Estate Blog

You should start blogging for real estate once you have a steady stream of these $1 posts. A blog is a place where you may keep all of these different kinds of postings. Getting real estate leads from Facebook is excellent, but it will always take work. Even when you're not actively publishing, a blog can still be useful.

You'll be building a library of materials for your target audience as you create additional content over time. This will organically connect you with more of those people via Google search. When it comes time to buy or sell, these folks will look to you as the authority in your market.

You're effectively doubling down on the time you invested writing the piece in the first place by making it "evergreen" and valuable. Even when searching, Facebook posts will eventually be pushed so far down the feed that they are no longer visible. To put it another way, Facebook delivers good short-term outcomes, whereas Google provides long-term benefits.


Please Enter Your "Two Cents" Here (40x Times)

Following that, we'll come to the section where you'll give your "two cents" on other people's posts. This means you'll be looking for postings on your feed and in the groups you're a member of. You're looking for folks who are inquisitive, willing to share their thoughts, and seeking recommendations. After that, you'll drop a line or two with something useful. If they ask you a question that you don't know the answer to, conduct a quick internet search, pick the best answer, and send them the link with a message like "hope this helps."

Furthermore, you can provide your two cents by asking a question or commenting on someone else's post. For example, if someone in my photography group posts a stunning photo, I'll leave a remark asking what gear they used. I'll react with a "Thank you!" once they've responded. "I adore your style," or something along those lines. Simply being social with individuals you don't know can lead to a longer conversation in Facebook Messenger, which is the final ingredient.


Use Facebook Messenger To Communicate

Everything you've done up to this point will now be used to generate big Facebook real estate leads. You'll have possibilities to speak with individuals on Messenger if you make a $1 post per day, or 40x "two cents" postings. This is where the true magic takes place! It can take one of two forms.

First, someone comments on my post, and I send them a Facebook Messenger direct message. Second, I offer my two cents on their post and follow up with a Facebook Messenger message. My messages are typically complementing in tone, followed by a question. “Hey! Thank you for leaving a remark on my blog. I am grateful for your participation. "Have you lived in San Antonio for a long time?" You'll almost always get a response, and you'll want to progress the conversation to a discussion about buying or selling a home and obtain the person's contact information.

It is critical that you inquire about their contact information at some point during the conversation. You may need to ask sooner than others, but you must ask in order to add that person to your database. Only you will know when it is appropriate to inquire. However, the vast majority of people I speak with are happy to provide me with an email address. A large proportion of people also offer me their phone number (sometimes you need to ask multiple times and tell them why you need it). Tell them you'd like to keep in touch and check in on them from time to time to see if and when you may be of more assistance to them.


Steps To Follow

The $1.80 method may appear to be time-consuming, and it is. The $1.80 method should take most real estate agents three hours per day to execute successfully. It took one hour to identify and create the $1 post, and another two hours to add your two cents.

If you do this every day, you'll be swimming in Facebook real estate leads in no time. And the best part was that they were all free. Furthermore, these leads will be quality leads. Leads with whom you have previously established a relationship. They aren't just randomly generated online leads who have no prior knowledge of you.

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