The Market Practically Begs You o Do These 3 Things

The Market Practically Begs You o Do These 3 Things

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When you consider what you do every day, do you believe that data or intuition is more important in guiding your decisions?
Actions based on data are beneficial in modern business.
Pay attention to the data, take the market's cues, and provide services appropriately.
I have only that to share with you today.
Three numbers, in particular, struck me as I read the Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report for this year. And even more, these statistics are quite useful.

Now let's begin:


Fact No. 1: 53% Of Sellers Are Doing So For The First Time

You assist house sellers every day of the year.
But who are those people you're aiding? They could go through this procedure a few times throughout their lifespan. And they risk their most valuable asset...
More than half of all sellers have never gone through that process, according to Zillow's study.
Place yourself in their position.
Do you think they're afraid? Do you think they are uneasy? Do you suppose they wish they knew more information than they do?
Yes, over and again!
Let's examine what that means to you, then.
This figure, in my opinion, almost begs you to take proactive steps to help these folks become more educated and, in turn, draw in more business.

  • Do you go far enough?
  • Special reports or white papers?
  • Series of educational direct mail postcards?
  • Seminars and webinars for education
  • Videos that demonstrate the procedure to the public?
  • Seller tips on social media?

With your knowledge, you could quickly write a report with titles like "10 Essential Secrets Every First-Time Home Seller Must Know" or "19 Ways to Reap Every Last Cent from Your Home Sale" and sell it on your website. Promote them by posting Facebook advertisements to local homes with a video describing how much you enjoy helping sellers understand the process and guide your customers through it.
That kind of information will be adored by readers, and you'll establish yourself as a reliable source as a result. This brings us to the following useful statistic...

Fact No. 2: When Choosing An Agent, Sellers Place A High Value On Trustworthiness

Eighty-six percent of consumers agree that when choosing an agent, trustworthiness is "very" or "very" crucial.
That makes perfect sense. You want to be able to trust the individual overseeing your transaction while your most valuable asset is on the line.
So let's consider what constitutes trustworthiness...
Or even better, let's look at people who we might not necessarily trust.

  • utter strangers
  • Salespeople who only attend events if there is a benefit to them

Jason Pantana explores the "simple exposure effect," a phenomenon, at Marketing Edge.
In essence, it means that people will automatically trust you more the more familiar they are with you.
What does it imply to you if 86 percent of customers say you have to be reliable to even be considered?
It implies that in order to develop the familiarity that breeds credibility, you must continually present yourself to them.

  • Do you have a distinctive brand?
  • Are you present and active in the neighborhoods you serve?
  • Are you continuously farming/marketing to the same communities, or do you shift your focus depending on where you have your next listing?
  • Do you come off as a real estate robot or does your website or marketing offer any insight into who YOU are as a person?

All of these inquiries present enormous chances to earn the trust of homeowners NOW, positioning you in the "very crucial" category of reliability when they decide to sell.


Fact No. 3: Millennials Make Up The Largest Portion Of Home Buyers

According to a Zillow survey, millennials, a racially and culturally diverse demographic between the ages of 24 and 38, make up 61 percent of first-time buyers and 42 percent of all home buyers.
Those are significant percentages, and it is likely that they will increase.
Although the media adores writing about worthless Millennial trends like avocado toast, this is what is undeniable:
These individuals grew up online.
They are therefore accustomed to service and usability on par with Amazon.
You've had that situation where you order something late on a Friday night and it miraculously arrives at your door on a Sunday! How do they accomplish that?
When working with buyers that make up 42% of your market, that is the level you must meet.
So, the crucial query is: Are your systems and services up to that standard?
If the answer is no, it's time to change your approach.
Make collaborating with you as simple as getting something from Amazon.
Where is the place to streamline? What can you take away? What more can you do to speed up the process before meeting with a buyer? What "extras" can you offer to enhance the beauty of your service?
Because that standard won't be changing anytime soon, you need to be regularly asking yourself these questions and improving your systems. It will continue to rise in elevation.


Recap And Next Steps

What are the key findings of the 2018 Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report?

  • Sellers ask to be informed about the procedure
  • People are more likely to trust you... and hire you... the more familiar you become with them.
  • The buyer market is dominated by millennials, thus your service systems probably need to be upgraded to suit their expectations.

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