The Insider’s Guide To A Powerful “Virtual” Listing Presentation

The Insider’s Guide To A Powerful “Virtual” Listing Presentation

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How well has your firm adapted to suit the demands of today's consumer?

Don't be concerned... I have two Rockstar agents who are willing to assist you.

Coach Eileen Rivera of Long Beach, CA, and top-producing agent Carolyn Young of Loudoun, VA, discussed their best suggestions for conducting a "virtual" Listing Presentation on a recent Pivot webinar.

And today, I'm going to share some of their best advice with you! I've boiled it down into five important questions to which you must have answers.


Let's get started!


How Do You Make People Feel At Ease With Zoom?

Carolyn sees it as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the same technologies that she will use to market their home to potential buyers. She simply shares her screen and conducts her presentation as usual once she's set up.

Eileen claimed she's seen surprisingly minimal aversion to utilizing technology, claiming that even folks who you wouldn't think are used to video chats thanks to Facetime with family and friends.

Eileen attempted to make the process as simple as possible for those individuals who appeared to be nervous. She'd tell them, "It's like turning on the light switch." "All you have to do now is click the link, and we'll all be there at the same time."


In The COVID Era, What Happens To The Pre-Listing Packet?

The purpose of any pre-listing material, according to Eileen, is to instill trust and reliability. In a contactless environment, little changes save for the manner of distribution and the timing.

"I want to go through the front door with the same level of credibility on the Zoom call," she says.

The goal is to spread out what she usually delivers over 36 to 48 hours before the scheduled session. A video confirming the appointment, client testimonials, a video recorded in front of the house, Zillow reviews, a video pre-marketing the property to other agents, and more can all be included.

Your task is to examine what you normally perform and determine how to provide it in a digital setting.

Rather than shooting a traditional video in front of the house, she recently filmed one while sitting in her car in front of it. Those minor improvements might go a long way toward demonstrating your commitment to safety.

The more relevant information you can present to the homeowner prior to the appointment, the higher your chances of getting that listing during the appointment.


When I Haven't Seen A Property In Person, How Do I Price It?

In this scenario, technology is your ally.

To begin with, you have the comps.

Carolyn specializes in Expireds, thus many of the properties she lists include images from past listings.

If that isn't the case, the small device that everyone carries around in their purse or pocket makes it simple to "see" a residence from afar.

Carolyn says she'll just ask homeowners to give her a Facetime tour of their property.

If that doesn't work, she'll ask them to SMS her images or short films.

That's the only serious cautionary note here... To keep the files from becoming too enormous to send, Eileen advised one homeowner to make separate movies for upstairs and downstairs.

She also mentioned that there are a few additional advantages to doing it this way...

For one thing, she requests that folks submit this video or images before the session. That way, if there are any thorny issues, she can plan how to bring them up during the meeting.

The "art of conversion" is the second reward. "I'm asking you to do something, you're doing it, then we discuss it, and we're in a relationship," she says of requesting and receiving the videos. In essence, the homeowners' first step toward listing their home with you is to provide the video.


What About Putting Your Marketing On Display?

Carolyn laminates each page of her listing presentation and presents it to the homeowner in person during "regular" times.

She does it all digitally in today's world by having it open on her computer and ready to "screen share."

She even shared her full presentation with Pivot members, which you can get when you join. Look in the Resource Library section for it.

She claims that presenting in this manner is a good way to emphasize the superior technologies she's been using all along.

Eileen said that nothing establishes credibility like hard data, so she's been releasing more statistics from her market, as well as a case study of a recent COVID-era transaction in which she received eight offers on one house.

Finally, Carolyn adds she has tabs open in her browser for the comps and a Zip forms link with the listing contract in addition to her listing presentation. Her goal is to get that listing contract signed during her presentation, and she usually succeeds in doing so.


What Blunders Should I Stay Away From?

Carolyn and Eileen, who live 3000 miles apart in vastly different markets, both agreed on what pitfalls to avoid when asked.

They cautioned against assuming that no one is moving.

Not everyone is fearful, and some individuals are in desperate need of action right now.

Also, don't tell yourself you won't be able to achieve it. Eileen claims that her clients have been significantly more open to change than she had anticipated, so keeping an open mind is essential!

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