The Ideal Morning Schedule

The Ideal Morning Schedule

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Routine is the hallmark of an ambitious person, as I said in last week's program. Routine is the new sexy, I'll say it even more strongly.
Aligning your actions with your routine has powerful effects.

Because of this, I'd want to demonstrate how to use this ULTIMATE morning routine.


Regularities In The Morning

Spend some time each morning...
Audiobooks, prayer, meditation, visualization, etc.
Exercise, thanks, objectives, and affirmations.
It makes a HUGE impact when you take the time to feel good and appreciate the positive aspects of your life.
What have you resisted or avoided doing?
In 2022, it might be time to start taking those actions.


Routines For Your Company

1. Make A Marketing Strategy

The frequency and the medium you want to employ
Make a visual representation of that plan.
Spend time marketing every day; if not you, then who?
Make sure your company's marketing machine is running!

2. Role-Playing Games

Every day, my salespeople act out scenarios!
They do this in order to sound more certain over the phone.
Knowing what to say makes you much more at ease and enables you to provide your clients with better service.


3. Making An Appointment

It's time to pick up the phone once marketing and role-playing have emotionally energized you!
You already know where the gold is, therefore I didn't mention "prospecting" for no reason!
It can be found in your database and the lead sources you listed in your marketing strategy.


The Perfect Exercise

Marketing, role-playing, and appointment setting are known as MRAS.


Do you have ambition?
Have you had the gall to think you can grow your business?
I am SURE you do.
Make sure your goals and routines are in sync.
More than ever, keep in mind that your habits and strategies are everything!

Experience The Difference

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