The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home Before Listing It

The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home Before Listing It

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It is entirely natural to love the home where you have spent many years and made many memories with all your heart. However, when selling a property, we need to be less emotional about it. A relatively objective approach to the sale will give much better results, as you will be able to see the property through the eyes of a buyer. Putting a house up for sale ensures that the property is attractive to potential buyers. Taking care of the curb appeal, cleaning, and staging – all these steps can close a deal quicker. However, today we will focus on one particular task in the sale process: getting rid of unnecessary items from the property. Here are all the benefits of decluttering your home before listing it – to remind you not to skip this step.

The house will appear larger and cleaner

Without all the clutter, your home will look more spacious to the buyers. Plus, when looking for a property, buyers' priorities are the available storage space. And decluttering can show the full potential of the house you are selling. Also, the place will be easier to clean and look tidy and organized without clutter. Clutter can also affect the air circulation in the house, causing stale and smelly air – something you don't want your buyers to notice. Remove all the unnecessary items from closets, shelves, and generally all around the house and see your home get back its old shine and freshness.
Decluttering your home before listing it helps discover potential problems

Clutter can prevent you from noticing specific problems in your home, such as mold, cracks, leaky pipelines, etc., that lower the visual appeal and your home's value. What's more, when a home is overcrowded with clutter, the chances are much higher it has pest infestation problems. These are serious issues that could be a massive deal-breaker for the buyers. No potential homebuyer will want to purchase a property that has pests. This is why you should tackle this task as early as possible, so you have enough time to deal with issues that pop up in the meantime. As soon as you spot a problem, see how you can fix it. This is your opportunity to improve your home and therefore be more certain buyers will like it.

It is possible to get a better value for your home

A home full of clutter is associated with a poor or complete lack of maintenance. This can lead buyers to offer you less money than they should. That's how decluttering your home before listing it can help you get a better value. A clean and organized home will change the buyers' perspective and make sure they offer a higher price. Don't skip this chance to sell your home for more!

No distractions – faster decision

With fewer items around the house and less clutter, buyers can imagine themselves living in your home. The space without distractions will act like an empty canvas, where buyers can see their vision of a perfect home. Unnecessary items will not steal their attention, and the buyers will focus on all the good things about the property. This leads them to make a faster decision to buy the house, which results in a quick and successful sale for you.

Bonus tip: Another thing you can do to minimize distractions is to stage your home in a way that will allow buyers to imagine living there. This is, for example, a wise choice of color palette for the walls. Neutrals are always a better choice – they appeal to most tastes and let the buyers focus on the strongest points of the property. A neutral space leaves inspire buyers' inspiration and ensure a faster sale.

A decluttered home is easier to clean and stage

It is much simpler to stage a home without so much clutter. Sometimes, even a professional team can't do much about staging if there are too many items that eat up the space for nothing. Also, cleaning will be more efficient and faster, thus saving you money if you opt for professional cleaning services.

How to declutter your home before listing it

There are several things you can do before the open house to make sure your home is clutter-free, tidy, and organized.

Go through the closed cabinets
Make sure you declutter everything that is behind the doors. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets always hold a lot of clutter, so be sure to start there. Also, your buyers will want to know the capacity of your closets. Get rid of unnecessary clothes and hangers to keep it tidy.

Get storage outside your home
It is always better to remove most of your personal items from the house you're about to sell. But, if you haven't found a new home yet, this may be an issue. Luckily, there is always a solution. For instance, you can rent a storage unit and make the whole thing so much simpler. People rent storage units for many reasons: when moving, when renovating, when they need extra space for their stuff after decluttering, etc. Indeed, there are many benefits of this. Lack of space is a common issue for homeowners, and stored outside your home can help.

Do not get sentimental

Emotions and memories commonly prevent you from decluttering your home before listing. Be more practical when going through your items and keep only those you really need or have true value. You can save a lot of space by going digital – scanning photos and taking pictures of memories. Indeed, some pieces are valuable and hold precious memories, but be sure to get rid of those that don't.

Decluttering your home before the listing has another benefit for you as the seller. It can benefit your mental state and help you be more focused, organized, and productive. A clean home is a road to a clear mind!


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