The 33 Best Closing Presents For Real Estate In 2022

The 33 Best Closing Presents For Real Estate In 2022

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It might be difficult to find the ideal real estate closing gift for each buyer and seller you work with. Having said that, if you do it just right, you might make a customer for life rather than merely a referral source for the foreseeable future.
Finding out what your client wants isn't the challenging part (we include some sneaky ways to find out at the end of the article). It involves locating presents that are meaningful but not overly significant, personal but not overly so, and that serve as a constant reminder to the clients of your care and your status as THE local authority they can trust. Undoubtedly a difficult task, so here are our choices for the top real estate closing presents for 2022:


1. A Book Or Poster About Custom House History

I can understand why so many of us put up with drafty windows, questionable electrical systems, and prehistoric plumbing because I also reside in an industrial building from the turn of the 20th century. Our love of old houses is, for the most part, an addiction rather than a choice.
Offering your purchasers a custom-researched and prepared house history when listing a historic home will always be popular. House histories, which have been painstakingly investigated and expertly created by businesses like Manhattan and Brooklyn's Brownstone Detectives and New Orleans' Once Upon a Home, are the one present that your buyer will not just keep but cherish.
Speaking of treasure, you wouldn't exactly call house histories inexpensive. Because they need so much labor to produce, their prices range from between $750 to $5,000, depending on how far back in time you want the history to go and how the book or poster was made.
Even if many real estate agents looking for closing gifts might find it a bit extravagant, you can always commission the book's creation as a marketing tool to aid in the sale of the house and write it off as a marketing expense!


2. A Personalized Gift They Will Keep

Most people secretly despise branded presents, which is the problem with them. They will appreciate the cutting board with your brand, no doubt, but let's face it: it will likely end up in a cabinet and never be taken out again.
EvaBot can help in this situation. EvaBot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what things your clients actually want, after which it sends them a gift in a specially made box bearing your branding. So, in a branded box, your client receives a nice item (that isn't branded). No stress is necessary on your behalf about present selection, shopping, or packaging.
Visit EvaBot's website to claim a $25 gift card and start giving in the twenty-first century.


3. A Subscription To The Shaggy Swag Gift Box

Let's face it, today's spoiled canines have better lives than we did when we were young. Well, maybe not, but pets have gradually started to take center stage in the lives of many people, and for good cause. Pet ownership has health advantages for owners in addition to the potential to save a furry tiny creature's life.
Therefore, if your client is a certified dog parents, they will like the special and entertaining goods they receive from the Shaggy Swag gift box. Their tiny fur monsters receive premium toys, treats, and necessities rather than plain old bones.
The best thing about these memberships is that you can feel good about keeping a small four-legged companion content for a full year, even if your customer deletes your phone number right after closing.


4. A Useful Gift That Encourages Referrals

The best parting presents accomplish two goals: they demonstrate to your former client that you genuinely care and they maintain your name in front of them to encourage referrals. While many presents demonstrate how much you care, few help people remember you in order to refer business. Home Manager combines the two.
The essential home care activities that so many homeowners overlook until it's too late can be easily scheduled with their app. ideal for first-time purchasers. It's even better because it arrives gift-boxed with a useful item of your choosing, like a carbon monoxide detector, and is made to keep you in people's minds for two years.


5. A Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum From Ecovacs

Your tech-savvy clients will smile like children at Christmas when you show them a robotic vacuum. The main issue, of course, is that until recently these items were priced like unobtanium. Today, for less than $140, you can purchase a highly regarded robotic vacuum that works with Amazon's Alexa, has an app, and even charges by itself when the battery runs out.
For a little less than $300, you may upgrade your customer to the original iRobot Roomba if they are more of a brand snob. Still a terrific deal for a gift that checks both the neato and functional boxes, which is something most presents can't do.


6. Items Made By Hermès

Philip Scheinfeld, chief of the luxury team at Compass Manhattan, offers some wonderful advice: "I normally go with something exquisite like a Hermès ashtray, which is a great coffee table piece. I occasionally choose a Hermès blanket if it is a more expensive deal. Those are usually the presents I reach for. As a welcome gift, once they move in, I also treat my clients to a wonderful dinner.
Hermès is one of those companies that can please even the most discerning and wealthy customers (or at the very least, impress them). A present from Hermès is a definite way to stay in the public eye because it is lovely and distinctive enough to display on a coffee table or console. Costly but with a significant return on investment (ROI) for your budget for closing gifts.


7. The Wishing Home

What is the significance of a lucky rabbit's foot? Of course, the owner's hopes and aspirations are the answer. Send your customer a gift that already has sentimental meaning with Brauna Rosen's handcrafted Wishing Houses jewelry collection.
This is how it goes. Along with a personalized wish from you, your customer receives a charming cast pewter Wishing House. They install the Wishing House in their own house before sending one to you or a friend or family member who is in need of moral support—and who isn't these days?
The best part is that they are inexpensive enough to send out to all of your clients during the holidays as a sentimental private remembrance, costing only $24 per Wishing House and wish-shipped.


8. The Nest Hello Smart Doorbell

Even doorbells will be smart in 2022. One of the greatest is the Nest Hello Smart. Your new homeowner will be able to see who is at the door from their phone and never miss a package or visitor again if you purchase this as a real estate closing present for them.
Even better, it has a stylish enough exterior to go with virtually any outside door, just like Nest's eponymous thermostat.


9. A Little (Or Big) Present From Tiffany & Co.

Almost any customer will be impressed by Tiffany & Co., another brand. Even with a limited budget, you can (and should) try to get something special for your client, even if it isn't quite inexpensive.
The Tiffany crystal ice bucket is a popular present among Warburg Realty agent Alan Levy in Manhattan and is reasonably priced (for Manhattan) at $175. The possibilities are endless, so if you close a significant deal, choose something finer. "Who doesn't enjoy a gorgeous blue Tiffany box? I typically send one of two Tiffany items: The ice bucket made of crystal. 2. A Tiffany key chain that ($175) blends perfectly with any decor. Any kind you believe will work for your client. The cost varies depending on your selection.


10. A Meeting With A Local Landscape Architect

Landscaping is one aspect of interior design where even many design snobs struggle. Because of this, many homeowners choose to ignore it, not recognizing the significant impact a well-planned yard can have on their property.
For this reason, one-hour consultation with a qualified landscape designer makes a wonderful farewell present for new homeowners. They might not consider it, yet it can significantly affect how their home appears and feels. A fantastic resource for finding local people is Houzz.


11. A Turnkey Concierge Service For The Transaction's Lifecycle

Let's face it: We all want to impress our customers with 5-star service, but due to the time, stress, and effort required, the majority of agents are content to get by with a Google Doc with crucial local phone numbers.
Giant the Client goes a step beyond. They will send out a succession of considerate touches for significant turning points in your buyer's transaction with only one click. A personal concierge, moving boxes, food, personalized presents, handwritten thank-you notes, and more are just a few of the thoughtful touches.


12. A Meal Kit Delivery Service Subscription

A subscription to a meal kit delivery service like Blue Apron will make an excellent parting gift if your customer enjoys cooking. When they finally use it—and if they enjoy cooking, they will—they will remember you each time they make a meal.
Over the past several years, there has been a veritable explosion in meal kit delivery services due to the wild success of businesses like Blue Apron. You now have dozens of options to pick from rather than just one or two. The more specialized the kit, the better if you're buying for a foodie. Epicurious features a buyer's guide with 34 various kits to pick from if you're unsure of where to begin.


13. Decor, Sentimental Presents, Or Regional Artwork

Yet stuck? For inspiration, premium Manhattan real estate agent Anna Shagalov has provided a few fantastic gift suggestions.
“For his double-height living room renovation in SoHo, I once handed a developer a large shell-covered chandelier."

Sentimental gifts: For clients who were selling their loft to move to Michigan for a work relocation that they were heartbroken about, I put together a sizable shadow box containing apartment images and antiques.

Local art: To design a wall of a client's new house, I arranged a meeting with a nearby graffiti artist.

The traditional gifts include basic Champagne bottles, gift certificates to ABC Carpet & Home, high-end throws and key chains from brands like Hermès and Chanel, as well as Diptyque candles.


14. A Night Out Completely Arranged And Paid For

While it is always advisable to give your clients an experience rather than an item, giving them a night out occasionally can feel more like a burden than a pleasant break from packing and moving.
Consider this. They must hire a sitter if they have children. They must call an Uber if they want to drink. And the list goes on.
Set up a meal at a nearby restaurant and make sure you address ALL the irritating aspects that turn nights out into a chore rather than a delight if you really want to impress your former clientele. Make a reservation and let the restaurant know you will have them, send them a special cake or bottle of wine, get a babysitter, and, most importantly, book an Uber XL to carry them to and from dinner in style.
If you do this well, your clients will shout your praises for years to come, I promise!


15. A Gym Or A Local Museum Membership

Why not think about purchasing them a subscription to a nearby museum or gym if you're leaning toward giving them an experience? Of course, you'll need to spend some time getting to know your customers, but you should already be doing that.
Instead of giving her clients typical gifts, Manhattan real estate agent, Marilyn Blume of Warburg Realty attempts to buy them experiences like museum memberships. "Giving an experiential gift is a method to help them relax and perhaps introduce them to something new. Buying a home is stressful. In order to show customers the properties that will be the best fit, I utilize this time to get to know them better (hobbies, values, interests).
I could gift someone a membership to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for instance, if they have a passion for the arts. If they enjoy exercising, they might benefit from getting a ClassPass so they can try a variety of various venues, or perhaps a subscription to a nearby gym.


16. A Gift Card To A Nearby Nursery

Small trees and indoor plants are often popular, but those who adore them tend to be quite specific. While some succulent collectors favor perennials or hanging plants, others collect succulents. That makes it challenging to choose a lovely plant as a parting present. A gift certificate is the best option if you want to make sure your plant-loving client is satisfied.
Before purchasing the gift certificate, be sure to establish a relationship with the owner, just like you should with the other closing gift suggestions on our list that originate from local company owners. You come across as a well-connected local rather than just someone they finished a business with if they are greeted warmly by a store owner who talks well of you.


17. A Child's Customized Gift

Of course, if you do get to know your client better, giving them something that will particularly resonate with them can make sense. At Compass, Isaac Rosenberg makes an effort to find his customers presents they'll cherish. "I love giving my customers a present they will cherish always. Something that people can utilize and maintain in the house for a long period is preferred. A toy train with their child's name on it was my favorite present I ever bought for a customer who was coming to the United States for the first time (at the time their only child). What matters are the consideration and understanding of what makes the particular client exceptional, not how much it costs?


18. A Cooking Class In The Area

A gift certificate to a special local cooking class may make a great closing present for any recipient and is the ideal token of appreciation for your culinary clients. Even better, you can find classes at all experience levels and levels of rigor if you work in a big city. A bachelor new homeowner, for instance, could really value a cooking 101 lesson, whilst a die-hard eater might benefit greatly from a butchery or advanced knife skills session.
Again, the secret to great closing gift-giving is knowing your client's interests! You can decide to sign up your client for a well-known chef's online cooking lesson, which they can take from the convenience of their brand-new residence.


19. A Dinner To Celebrate (With You)

Elise Ehrlich, a real estate agent in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, prefers to treat her customers to a special meal with wine (or champagne) and flowers for a real celebration. My preferred parting gift is a supper for two at a fantastic nearby restaurant. I make the reservation, arrange for wonderful wine or champagne, and flowers—truly a great night for all—and, wherever possible, I prefer to attend the buyers or sellers to celebrate the closing and thank them for their confidence. Material presents, in my opinion, are very personal and frequently merely given back. A supper for the clients, with or without me, always makes people happy since real estate is about relationships.


20. A Custom Home Portrait With Your Clients And Pet As Special Guests

Why not go above and beyond and include the happy couple and their cat in the custom-house portrait, which is typically a very safe (and beautiful) closing gift? You can make something that is quite personal into something they would even treasure for decades in this way.
Finding a skilled artist who can truly portray the soul of your clients and their new house is the secret. Your parting present will be sincere and totally personalized if you use some artistic license (and snoop around on Facebook).


21. An Engraved Keychain, Decorative Fruit Bowl, Or Coffee Table Book

You might also want to gift them something they'll retain and use for a long time since your objective here is to be remembered. Because of this, Warburg Realty Manhattan Broker Becki Danchik likes to provide lasting presents. "I prefer to present physical gifts to my clients, such as a colorful fruit bowl, a coffee table book, or a keychain with their initials etched on it. Gifts with an expiration date, such as gift cards, concert tickets, or bottles of wine, are less appreciated than ones that could serve as a reminder of me and/or their home-buying experience. When asked where they obtained the stylish salt and pepper shakers, they can respond, "My real estate agent gave them to me." It makes an impression that lasts for a while.


22. A Quickly Disappearing Gift

Sheila Trichter of Warburg Realty, a Manhattan broker, also used non-permanent presents as a technique. She argues that since most individuals have enough material possessions, especially the Manhattan 1 percent, they are more likely to appreciate an experience.
"In general, I try to provide gifts that are rapidly consumed. Since most people have enough possessions, I prefer to give them things that they can use rather than have to maintain. In such spirit, I frequently present a case of fine wine or Champagne. A terrific food basket, theater tickets, and gift certificates to outstanding restaurants are all frequently appreciated gifts. Most of the time, I treat my clients to a lovely closing meal.


23. A Carefully Selected Case o\Of Wine

Although there are many wine-of-the-month clubs available today, they are frequently a bit expensive, and receiving a FedEx box of wine once a month is very impersonal. Instead, collaborate with a nearby wine shop to choose a variety of wines for various events. If you work with the proper store, they will be happy to give you detailed information about the production details, match suggestions, and taste notes for each bottle they sell.
Once more, the goal here is not to demonstrate your wine-loving credentials but rather to convince your client that you are a respected member of the community. Both your client and the proprietor of the wine shop will adore you. What else is there to ask for?


24. A Local Encounter They Won't Soon Forget

Why not treat your brave customers to an adrenaline-pumping local experience they won't soon forget? You might be able to arrange for them to take skydiving lessons, horseback riding lessons, parasailing lessons, or something even more unusual, depending on where you work.


25. A Gift Certificate To A Nearby Coffee Shop Or A Tab At A Nearby Bar

Giving your customers a push to become regulars might be accomplished by giving them a gift card to a highly regarded neighborhood bar or coffee shop. First off, anyone new to the neighborhood would appreciate being welcomed warmly if you have a relationship with the proprietors.
Second, you provide them with a simple means of establishing a routine and making new neighbors. Before purchasing something like this for your clientele, just be sure to get to know them well. A bar tab as a parting gift will not be well received by a non-drinker.


26. A Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Yes, I am aware that a vacuum cleaner ranks right up there with a gym membership as an offensive gift. I concur with you if we're using standard vacuums. Without a doubt. However, along with Peletons, Dyson cordless vacuums have started to resemble a status symbol. They are also pricey. Most people consider them to be luxuries rather than necessities for the home. They are fantastic gifts because of it!
The first rule of gift-giving is to get the recipient something they want but are unlikely to purchase for themselves. Ask them if they have a Dyson or another cordless vacuum when you're chit-chatting with someone in the car.


27. A Gift Card To A Nearby Antique Shop

A gift card to a nearby antique shop seems sense if your clients are relocating into a historic property. Even if they don't immediately find the ideal piece, they will probably develop a relationship with the owners that will make searching enjoyable for years to come.
To everyone, this is a win-win situation. You gain a potential lifetime client for your neighborhood shopkeeper and demonstrate to your client that you truly appreciate what they value.


28. A Welcoming Gesture For A Transplant Recipient

It can be scary to relocate to a new city across the country or even the world, let's face it. You don't know anyone, and for many people, it's difficult to feel completely at home. One of the best closings presents you can give transplant clients is a local experience that makes them feel at home.
Get your client some surfing lessons, for instance, if they recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles. A day of whale watching will help your client become enthused about the special spirit of their new home if they recently relocated from India to Cape Cod.
Just keep in mind that closing presents like this need not be overly serious. They might even be silly or corny. The goal is to give your customers a special local experience that will make them advocate for your products and services right away!


29. A Gift Card To A Nearby Florist

If your customer enjoys receiving fresh flowers, a gift certificate to a nearby florist can be a thoughtful closing present. As a general rule, choose a florist that is a little more upscale than those who typically sell to your clients. In this manner, the recipient will view your presentation as a treat rather than something they may have purchased independently.


30. A Meeting With A Local (Or Online) Interior Designer

Even those who are moderately rich often choose not to indulge in one luxury: employing an interior designer. It just seems so decadent, after all. Interior designers, of course, deal with clients of all budgets and tastes. They can arrange or reorganize furniture you may already own to perform better, which might really save you money.
That makes an interior designer the ideal parting gift in many ways. It's something practical and opulent that most people would never consider hiring for themselves.
Yelp is an excellent place to start looking if you want to stay close to home. Alternately, you can reserve time with an online interior designer using a platform like Havenly.


31. An iPad By Apple

There are still a lot of people out there who perceive iPads and tablets in general as luxury things, despite the fact that many real estate salespeople view them as essential oxygen themselves. That is not to say, however, that they do not desire one. It simply implies that even those who are incredibly successful put off purchasing what they view as personal indulgences.
Fortunately, a high-end tablet can make a terrific gift for real estate agents who are seeking to purchase closing presents for their clients. It's practical, enjoyable, and expensive, but many people just won't buy it for themselves.
Drop some hints during your presentation if you're leaning toward a tech gift, such as an Apple iPad, to find out whether they already have one and determine their interest in getting one. If they think they're the best and don't have one, you got yourself a pretty awesome parting gift.


32. A Deluxe Key Chain Or Key Ring

Another gift where it's important to get to know the recipient is this one. Presenting your new house keys on a high-end key ring, like this one from Tiffany & Co., will leave a good impression on the proper kind of buyer.
Although they are pricey for such a small and insignificant object, they help your buyer feel like a special guest at the closing table. Just be sure if you do decide to spend several hundred dollars on a key ring that you know your buyer is aware of what it is and has a general concept of how much it costs. If not, people might miss it or believe they just got lucky and got a shiny key chain!


33. A Fine Pen

Even though a high-end pen could seem a little impersonal, you can simply personalize it by having it engraved or by including a funny card along with the pen when it is packaged well as a gift. For your next transaction, you could write something bold like "for our next deal" on the card. Alternatively, you could go with tradition and have their name engraved on the pen. Another thought is to write something like "home isn't a place, it's a feeling."
Companies like Parker or Cross provide stunning luxury pens with gift boxes starting at about $50. Montblanc's starts at about $300 if you want to spend a lot.

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