The 11 Best Apps For Realtors To Increase Efficiency In 2022

The 11 Best Apps For Realtors To Increase Efficiency In 2022

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Welcome again to another article in which I'll show you the top 11 applications for real estate brokers.

We are always on the move as real estate agents! As lovely as it is to have a full computer to work on every day, it is just not possible to have one with you at all times. This is why it's critical that you download and use the apps I'm going to propose in this article.


Real Estate Agents' Favorite Apps

These apps help you save time, add value to your clients, and enhance your professional image. The best part is that almost all of the real estate smartphone apps I'll recommend below are completely free!

Here are the 11 best applications for real estate agents, without further ado. They are not arranged in any particular sequence. We'll start with the first item on the list:


  1. Conveniently

Calendly has completely transformed my real estate career. I can't tell you how much time I used to waste emailing clients trying to get their calendars to match up with mine for showings and listing appointments. I was always managing my calendar, and eventually, I hired an assistant, which was fantastic until I discovered how expensive all of my overhead had become.

Calendly helped me become more effective with my processes by allowing me to send a link to my clients and then have them book a time that worked for both their schedule and mine.

Calendly is a web-based scheduling tool as well as an app. You can sign up for an account at You connect it to your calendar program of choice, whether it's Google Calendars, Outlook, Apple Calendars, or another.

Calendly works with almost every calendar scheduling program I'm familiar with. Calendly will display you when you're available as long as you maintain your calendar structured and input the events that you have scheduled throughout the day. It can also give you push alerts to remind you of impending appointments on that particular day.

Clients will only be able to choose from the hours you have set aside. You can use it to store a variety of criteria. For example, if you need to be accessible for an hour before and after they schedule a meeting for driving time, etc.


  1. Property Resource For Realtors (RPR)

RPR is fantastic, especially the mobile app. When you're out in the real estate market, it makes performing rapid CMAs a breeze. "What is this property worth?" is a question we're frequently asked by potential buyers in the field, and there's no way a real estate agent can know all of the prices all of the time. That is, until RPR.

"Let's take a brief look right now," I tell my clients, "and if you want more information, I'm willing to go back and perform a full CMA."

I exchange information with them. RPR is an automatic valuation; sometimes it's fairly accurate, and other times it's not.

However, having that power in your pocket at all times is quite beneficial.

It's also the only real estate app I use when I'm out showing houses. I normally have RPR loaded on my phone so that when I get for the next showing, I have all of the listing details in front of me quickly and simply.


3. TurboScan

TurboScan turns your phone into a scanner. I no longer own a scanner because I rely only on TurboScan. I still use TurboScan even if the document is 20 pages long. If it's more than that, which I don't think it is, I'll have to look for something else.

In the end, I prefer to open the PDF that TurboScan generates in DocuSign. I don't have to wait for a scanner to sign a document out in the field.

With TurboScan and DocuSign coupled, I could be anywhere, scan the document, get it signed, get it to the title firm, and give my Transaction Manager whatever I need. Another fantastic feature for app users is the ability to produce PDF scans from your photos if you've been sent a paper. "Hey, don't bother about scanning that seller's disclosure; just take a picture of it and text it to me," I'll encourage my clients. I'll save it in my phone's photographs when they text me a picture of it, and then I'll be able to choose it in TurboScan.


  1. Zillow Mortgage

I'm not a big fan of the Zillow Premier Agent app. On Zillow, I don't advertise anything. However, when it comes to apps, I like the Zillow Mortgage app because it has a fantastic mortgage calculator. It's one of the few mortgage apps that calculates the payment's mortgage interest.

If they have Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) or something similar, it will compute and transmit that number immediately. A lot of instances, a buyer is unaware that they are responsible for principal, taxes, insurance, and, in some cases, PMI.

Zillow includes that for you so you don't make a blunder.


  1. Using Quickbooks

I frequently use QuickBooks on my phone. I'm able to complete my bookkeeping so quickly each month thanks to the QuickBooks mobile app. If I have any spare time, I can just take out my phone or iPad and open QuickBooks, where I can begin classifying transactions. This way, I won't have to perform all of the classification at once when the month comes around.

It also provides you with additional information about your company at a glance. You may pick up your phone at any time and see exactly where you are on your income and expenses for the month, year, or any period you want.

It's a free app for iOS and Android, but you'll need a QuickBooks online subscription to use it. Monthly subscriptions range from $20 to $70.


  1. Your CRM Software (I Use KvCORE)

I'm afraid I won't be able to list every single CRM. However, whichever CRM system you use, I strongly advise you to have a mobile app with it. I can't image utilizing a CRM without a well-designed mobile app. I use my computer frequently, but I use my phone even more frequently, and without having a CRM on my phone would be a major inconvenience.

The majority of my customer notes are kept in my CRM. I require these notes throughout the day, not just when I am near a computer.

In addition, I make phone calls immediately from my CRM program on my phone. On my phone, I have the kvCORE mobile app. There are all of my contacts in there. I can look at closed sphere active leads clients under contract by sorting it by status. I'm not letting anyone slip between the cracks. I have all of the listings, just as they appear on the MLS. When I want to submit a listing to someone, I may use the kvCORE app to do so. I may also click on a new listing and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites.



1Password is number seven on my list of the greatest applications for real estate brokers. 1Password securely keeps all of your logins, confidential notes, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. 1Password enables you to securely access your data from any device.

If you have 1Password installed on your computer at home, all of your passwords will be synced to your mobile device.

1Password will also recommend strong randomized passwords so you don't have to use the same password for different sites, which is a major security risk.


  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

One of my favorite smartphone apps is Lightroom. I'm not sure how "essential" it is for every Realtor. If you're starting to develop material on a regular basis and want to improve your photography, including listing photographs, I believe it can be a terrific software. Many people believe I always use my DSLR, but I actually shoot most of my images with my iPhone 11 and Lightroom. Lightroom offers a whole distinct photo-taking and editing experience.

Lightroom can shoot in RAW format, which is why the shots come out so much better when you use it to capture the images on your phone. When you use the regular camera app on your iPhone to capture photos, you're shooting in JPEG format, which is essentially a compressed image. When compared to a RAW image, there are less possibilities for altering to your standards with a JPEG image.


9. Feedly 

Feedly does a fantastic job of reading the news that you want to read. I open Feedly whenever I have free time, and this is where I save all of the numerous news feeds that I subscribe to. Marketing, affiliate pages, minimalism, photography, real estate, SEO, social media, and Tesla are just a few of the categories I've created. Then I have different bloggers and news sites that I subscribe to in each of the categories.


10. Docusign

I strongly advise you to sign up for DocuSign and download the app to your phone. DocuSign enables me to obtain signatures for whatever document I require, regardless of where I am.

If a client says, "I didn't get that document," follow up. You can use Docusign and send a reminder to have the document resent to their inbox.

You can also cancel documents from within the app.

The bit about utilizing TurboScan with DocuSign, as I mentioned earlier, is the most crucial. It makes our work as Realtors a whole lot easier!


  1. Enlarge

Zoom is the last but certainly not least app on my list of the greatest real estate apps. Zoom is something I utilize on a regular basis. I work with real estate experts from all over the country. The Zoom software is highly useful because it allows you to schedule meetings directly from your phone.

If I needed to clarify or show something, I could share the screen of my phone with someone. It's come in handy a couple times when dealing with clients.

I've used Zoom to show payment computations, RPR data, and other information from my iPhone screen with clients.

A video conference also has the advantage of being more personal than a traditional phone call or text. When you and your client can see one other, you build a better bond, which will help you obtain more referrals and reviews down the road.



These are the 11 finest real estate apps for lead generation and locating possible buyers, in my opinion. I'd love to learn about your favorite apps and what you recommend to other agents.

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