Ten Reasons Why I’m Excited For The Success Summit Next Week

Ten Reasons Why I’m Excited For The Success Summit Next Week

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Take a look at the image above.

We haven't had so much electric energy in a room in a long time.

That's just one of the many reasons I'm looking forward to Summit starting next Tuesday!

Here are a few more...


Reason No. 1: Hugs And High-Fives Are Back For The First Time In A Long Time!

The Summit will be the largest in-person event we've done in at least a couple of years, so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in person and reconnecting face to face, in addition to getting the crowd pumped up from the stage.

Despite the precautions we're taking, I'm confident that the networking at this event will be phenomenal, and I can't wait to see people hugging and high-fiving once more.


Reason No. 2: To Assist You In Your Survival Preparation

The Summit's goal this year is to help delegates "Future-Proof Your Business," since, basically, the disruptors don't give a damn.

They are unconcerned about the way things have always been done.

They don't seem to mind that your livelihood is on the line.

They don't give a damn about the consumer's right to a better experience.

They are unconcerned about their lack of experience because they assume their power will "buy" them a position in the sector.

Simply put, they view a $90 billion yearly commission industry as vulnerable, and they're grabbing as much as they can, as quickly as they can.

It's time for you, as a real estate agent, to defend your land.

And it's time for me, as a real estate coach, to show you how to do it.

So I'm looking forward to assisting people in understanding what's really at risk and the steps that need to be taken to provide a better, more localized alternative to the industry's behemoths.


Reasons 3 and 4: Our Two Incredible Keynote Speakers

Seth Godin has long been a marketing mentor of mine, so having him speak at the Summit is virtually a dream come true. I'm so happy to share his knowledge with the audience... and I'll be right there with them, scribbling notes as quickly as I can.

Michelle Poler is an incredible bundle of energy with a powerful message that we all need to hear, therefore I'm looking forward to seeing her on stage next Tuesday afternoon. I know that everyone who hears her lecture will be encouraged to overcome the boundaries that hold us all back, whether it's defeating the fear of recording video, picking up the phone, or simply worrying if you're "good enough."


Reason No. 5: Having A Good Time With Our Clients!

Over the last 20 months or so, we've had a few tiny get-togethers here and there, but I'm especially looking forward to seeing thousands of coaching members at our member-only party on Wednesday night.

If you're going to the Summit to participate in coaching, make sure you do so on Day 1 or 2, and we'll reveal the location and details.


Reason No. 6: The Return Of TOM X 

All-in-one inspiration, encouragement, and strategic training: Yes, we're starting off Summit on Tuesday morning with TOM X, a panel of nine real-world agents who will share all the details of how they overcame difficulties and achieved amazing success!

This is guaranteed to be a highlight, with topics ranging from social media techniques to team building to overcoming personal problems, and I'll be listening intently to every word!


Reason #7: Rejuvenation, Renewal, And Celebration

Summit week exhausts me, but it also energizes me and motivates me to continue pushing for more. I look forward to the entire process all year, and it's something I've really missed over the last two chaotic years.

So, while my voice may be hoarse by Thursday afternoon, I'm confident that my heart will be overflowing from seeing and hearing from so many individuals who mean so much to me.

Remember how I constantly tell you to celebrate your victories? When it's all said and done, my team and I will undoubtedly take a minute to reflect on all of our hard work.


Reason No. 8: To Assist You In Creating A Clear Path Forward

I speak with a lot of agents, and our 170+ coaches tell me even more... So believe me when I say that agents sometimes become so engrossed in their work that they lose sight of the greater picture.

My goal at Summit is to assist each attendee in leaving with a clear and straightforward plan for moving forward powerfully.

Whatever your objectives, I'm convinced that over the course of three days at Summit next week, we'll help you gain the clarity you require. Let the games begin!


Reason No. 9: The Livestream Audience

I'm happy for technology because it allows me to communicate with a global audience despite the fact that there are still travel limitations in place.

Thousands more individuals watching on our Livestream from all over the world will be able to engage in virtual networking and experience every second of Summit.

It's not too late to become a member of our group!


Reason No. 10: Making 2022 Your #BestYearEver Begins Right Now!

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but you can't wait until 2022 to begin influencing your 2022 outcomes.

Because this firm operates in 90-180 day cycles, the things you're doing now are unlikely to show up in your ultimate figures in 2021.

So now is the moment to double-check your plan and make sure you're taking the steps necessary to reach not only your 2021 objectives, but to make 2022 your finest year yet!

I'm looking forward to assisting people at Summit in making that a reality... Let's get started!

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