Ten Guidelines To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Ten Guidelines To Boost Your Social Media Presence

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Today will raise your game, whether you're a social media power user or just winging it, speculating, and hoping.
Courtney Gracia, he brought the heat with 10 guidelines for enhancing your online profile. She's giving out some of her greatest tips, tricks, and resources to help you get more customers and make your posts more effective!


Let's begin straight away!


Social Media Rule No. 1: Use Alt Text

You can give your Instagram posts an unnoticed advantage by adding "alt text" to your images. Add keywords that are relevant to the property, your area of expertise, your target market, or the message you want to get across.
Why do this?
because search engines will read it and your posts can appear in search results.
Decide what terms you want to be recognized for, and then include them in the background of all of your postings.


Social Media Rule No. 2: Use Scheduling Applications

Remembering to publish frequently and/or at the appropriate times is one of the main obstacles to effective social media use. It's simple to forget to publish at set intervals throughout the day when you have so much happening in your hectic schedule.
In order to address this, Courtney employs Sprout Social. You can schedule posts in advance and then set them to publish whenever you wish.
You can use these tools to better understand your audience and discover the ideal posting times. Hence, we arrive at...


Social Media Rule No. 3: Post At The Appropriate Moment

Engagement with your audience is the primary goal you aim to accomplish with social media. Better engagement not only prioritizes your articles over others, but also results in the business you seek.
Therefore, it's crucial to post when you know you can get the most views.
You can determine this for each social media network using tools like Sprout Social.
When planning your social media strategy, make sure you're doing so when you have the highest chance of reaching your target audience.


Social Media Rule No. 4: Don't Ignore Instagram Stories

Despite the fact that Instagram Stories don't have the same permanence as posts in your feed, they nevertheless have value.
Posting Stories will assist prioritize all of your content because, among other things, Instagram's algorithm counts them as posts to your feed do.
You can also create several content categories with the "Highlights" function that helps people get to know you better.
Create distinct Highlights for Tips, your bio, your team, local information, testimonials, and more, as per Courtney's advice!


Social Media Rule No. 5: YouTube Captions 

Did you know that YouTube will automatically create captions for your videos? We are aware that many social media videos are viewed without sound.
Well, if you give it the ability to, it will!
Make sure to enable captions whenever you submit a video so that viewers can activate them instantly.


Social Media Rule No. 6: Utilize User-Generated Content

Not every element of your social media accounts needs to be polished professionally.
Sharing the posts of other users that are relevant to you is actually a fantastic strategy to develop stronger relationships with those people and prove your worth to the general public.
User-generated content is what it's called, and you should use it whenever you can.
Hot tip: If you believe your client may prefer more privacy, request it.


Social Media Rule No. 7: Pay To Play

Put money behind your message if it's something crucial you really want people to hear.
Your brand gains momentum if you do this.
To achieve this, you will need a company page, although you ought to have one already.


Social Media Rule No. 8: Keep The "Social" Part In Mind

There are some obligations that come with posting on social media. Specifically, to come back later and interact with anyone who left a remark or shared your post.
Social media engagement makes anything better as you use it more frequently...
The algorithms adore it and will give your postings top priority...
They adore it...
And let's be honest, Being silent is quite disrespectful. If someone mentioned something to you in person, you wouldn't disregard them, so don't do it online.
Make time to ENGAGE because you work in the relationship management industry.


Social Media Rule No. 9: Always Include A CTA 

Every post should include a call to action, but it doesn't mean you have to push products all the time.
To increase involvement with the content, make sure to provide your followers with something to do. Something along the lines of Tag a friend who should see this.
Like this, if you concur.
How do you feel? Comment below and let me know.
If you consistently do this, Courtney predicts that trends will start to show up, allowing you to determine which material resonates most strongly with your audience. You can then produce further content on the same subject in response.


Social Media Rule No. 10: Go LIVE! 

Consider a TV award show or a sporting event. There is certain energy when viewing live that simply cannot be replicated when watching later.
The same is true for social media live video.
Make sure to click the red button and go live frequently because live video typically has double the engagement of normal posts.

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