TEAM SPOTLIGHT: 5 Tips For Increasing Team Strength (And Keeping Your Sanity) In A Crazy Market

TEAM SPOTLIGHT: 5 Tips For Increasing Team Strength (And Keeping Your Sanity) In A Crazy Market

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Debbie Holloway, Team+ Coaching Director

We're used to the hustle and bustle of showing and listing the property as Realtors.

Attending inspections, negotiating bids, and closings.

Congratulations to our clients on a successful closing...

Preparing for an Open House, greeting possible buyers, and watching their faces light up when they've located the perfect home.

You understand what I mean.


That Was Back When. Now Is The Time.

"1500 spray bottles of sanitizer, 1800 pairs of shoe covers, countless masks and gloves... we're losing the connection, actual face-to-face talks – and it's harming me and my team," one team leader explained.

Furthermore, the market is quite hot, listings are few, and purchasers are unable to have their offers accepted.

I'm afraid we're no longer in Kansas, Toto.

For the time being, the market is different. Some agents and teams persevere, while others believe they have been cursed by the Wicked Witch of the West.

But here's my message to you: We can get through this, and we can assist our team in doing so.

In today's business climate, there are five things I promise will help you and your team stay strong, confident, and safe.

I talked to a doctor - a therapist – and watched what many of our Tom Ferry teams are doing right now, and here's what I learned:


Team Tip #1: Take Your Temperature

When you're not feeling it, take a step back and ask yourself these questions: "What do I enjoy about my life?" I adore my family and friends, and I adore the fact that I have a career where I am not reliant on anyone else for a wage.

"What do I have control over in my life right now?" I have power over who I contact for business today, I have control over my outcome, and I have control over myself!

"Can I assist anyone today?" Make a list of 5 people, both professional and personal, whom you can encourage simply by calling or sending a video text. Find something amusing that you can share with others.

"Who am I today?" you might wonder. I am OZ.

Make a daily decision to own your power, to be powerful.

Make sure to check the temperatures of your teammates at least once a week!

I also propose holding a daily huddle with your team (through Zoom). Have everyone share one thing they're grateful for, then respond to the questions above and share an encouraging quotation.

After that, have everyone turn off their Zoom and begin making your calls. The entire sales team is making calls while simultaneously watching the rest of the team on Zoom. When you make an appointment, commit to doing a joyful dance so that everyone can see your success. Monday through Friday, this should take at least one hour.


Team Tip #2: Listen Before You Judge

"You're confusing courage with wisdom; you're under the unfortunate misconception that just because you run away, you don't have any courage," The Wizard of Oz told the cowardly lion.

No one, no one, no one these days is a coward... they make judgments based on the information and wisdom they have at the time. Whatever it is, pay attention and don't pass judgment. The simplest thing you can do is to judge.

Instead, provide them with resources. Do you have a list of services that you may refer to, such as therapists, AA, or a suicide prevention hotline, to name a few?

What business resources do you provide as a team leader? Maybe a monthly book club combining fantastic team literature like Michael Rogers' "You Are The Team," James Clear's "Atomic Habits," Steven Pressfield's "The War of Art," and Tom Ferry's "Life By Design." Or something that transports you, such as "Where the Crawdads Sing," Marie Benedict's "The Only Woman in the Room," or anything that makes you and them giggle.

I just finished listening to Billy Crystal's audio original, Have a Nice Day. Find something hilariously humorous and share it with your team by searching for the best comedians of all time.


Team Tip #3: Keep An Eye On The Pipeline

It should go without saying, but with so much going on these days, it's easy to lose sight of what's important.

That being said... Allowing your lead pipeline to dry up or disappear is a bad idea.

Are you keeping track of the leads that are coming in, how your salespeople are converting them, and what training your salespeople might require? Remember that while they may know their lines and dialogues, their head may not be in the appropriate place right now.

Daily training/coaching - whether it's from yourself, a team coach, podcasts, or workplace training – will keep your eyes on those leads.

And while we're on the subject of leads, keep in mind that "there's no place like home, no matter how lovely it is." We invest a significant amount of money in purchasing leads. Consider this: the majority of these leads are in your own neighborhood; think hyperlocal.

Examine your spending to see how much you're spending on web leads against what you're spending on your database and geo farm. Whether the market is hot or not, these two sources of revenue will be there for you and your team if they are nurtured.

Collaborate with your team to create a positive client experience and a positive reputation in your industry. Why? Because the landscape of online lead generation is shifting.

Oh, and are you reading the documents they want you to sign, truly reading them? Use your pipeline wisely.


Team Tip #4: Look For New Business Opportunities

Who in your company is looking for new lead and marketing opportunities?

As I started writing this, a new internet lead opportunity became popular, which I explored and discovered to be nothing more than what I'm getting from my present sources, so I moved on. Not every gleaming dime should be grabbed. Complete your homework!

My team coaching members have their Google local services advertisements up and running, and they're looking into what Amazon might have in store for us.

What's in store for your team in the near future? Everyone on the team should be reading, Googling, and subscribing to information services. Are you a fan of Tom's podcasts or his Keeping Current Matters YouTube channel?

I'd love to get your thoughts on what's hot in our industry right now.


Team Tip #5: Pay Attention To And Serve Your Current Database And Leads

Don't forget about the folks you already have... your existing database and leads.

What is the impact of the epidemic on their business and family? What else can you do to assist them besides helping them buy or sell? Don't be hesitant to inquire how you may assist them.

Who may we refer to our clients and customers if we ask for referrals? Set up a Google alert under their name or firm, for example, and share the timely information you get as a result.

In the end, we're wearing a lot of hats at the moment... There aren't any listings, buyers can't find a home, emotional ups and downs, and a lot of anxieties.

"Were you scared?" Dorothy asks the Wizard, who replies, "Frightened?" I was terrified because you're talking to a man who has laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and giggled at disaster."

Have you been feeling down lately? Take a deep breath and recognize that you already have everything you need: the bravery to be the leader you were born to be, and the knowledge to understand the importance of listening to your team, clients, and others who look up to you.

Recognize that times like this necessitate boldness and leadership. You've got it!

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